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Review Snitch (2013)

genre: crime, action, drama

This is one of those rare movies where lead Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) convinces us as a father who is prepared to do anything to free his son from prison but at the same time also ruins any credibility. How is that you say? Dwayne stars as John Matthews who strikes a deal with the DEA in order to get his son out of prison. Meaning he goes undercover to find evidence and bigger fish that will appease the powers that be of the almighty DEA. And as crazy as this may sound apparently this story is based on true events. The problem is that Dwayne Johnson still looks like a man who can handle himself. I mean just look at his physique. Even if he was the most kindhearted man on this planet. You think he would get beat up so easily? Of course when someone gets overwhelmed anyone would have problems. Still it was incredible unbelievable that he was not able to throw a single punch or kick. That scene though shows his character is out of his depth. Does that stop him? No, it only makes him more determined. And this I did buy. However the rest of how the plot unfolded was hard to swallow. At one point the melodrama dominates which strangely enough is it's saving grace. Without it Snitch would have been meaningless and dull. Honestly I have no idea what to think of this. The Rock shows he can truly act and play the more dramatic roles but also shows that he is much more enjoyable when doing the bigger action spectacles. Let me be the one to say what a lot of people think. As much as we admire your acting skills Dwayne. We don't want you to perform Shakespeare. We rather see you kicking ass with that big grin of yours. But never ever team up with Brett Ratner again, Hercules was awful and you know it. Snitch is a decent drama, but is very lacking as a crime action film. And don't get fooled by the story being based on true events. Does seem like the majority is fictional and unrealistic. Snitch is not a complete waste of time however I do think this film is to preachy and pretentious for it's own good. If things were only this simple in real life.

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