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Review The Berlin File a.k.a. Bereullin (2013)

genre: action, thriller, spy

The Berlin File gets a lot of praise and I wanted to verify if that was warranted. While I do think The Berlin File does more right than wrong it is far from perfect. In fact it takes itself far too seriously. The biggest problem though is that this film can't even bother to introduce the main characters properly and what exactly is at stake. While I welcome the intrigue in spy movies it does have to be exceptional to keep me interested. And here lies the problem. You never get the feeling something really is urgent so the plot at one point becomes insignificant. However the actors do make you care about them even while we don't really get to know them well. The main attraction is the action. Which is more than decent and even exciting in some scenes. But I am puzzled why people seem to think The Berlin File is so exceptional. It is not. It's a very forgettable flick that is a little too optimistic since the end is hinting for a sequel. Does this deserve a sequel? Truth be told I did like the main character Pyo (played by Jung-woo Ha) and it would be interesting to see how he would carry on. But honestly it's pretty obvious what is going to happen next. Overall I think The Berlin File is decent enough only nearly not as good as people make it out to be. In fact I think it's quite lazy.

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