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Review Birdman (2014): Michael Keaton got robbed, he so deserved the Oscar.

genre: comedy, drama

For this review I am not going into detail too much of the movie itself. Birdman is filled with allegories to several themes and most of them are open to interpretation in many ways. There is almost no point to discussing them since each individual will have a different view on them. Now normally I don't like that. Although it does allow you to give an explanation to the ending as you see it. Like with some books where they just sketch a scene and leave you to fill in the blanks. I can see the appeal and in this film it is helped enormously because somehow we can identify with Michael Keaton's character Riggan or at least sympathize with him. Riggan is an actor who has a huge passion for the work he does. But he wants to achieve the highest possible and that is the reason he quit playing Birdman since he thought it would never get him far. We get introduced to him in the middle of the previews of the play he has created and is setting up on Broadway. It's his last chance to achieve greatness or show the world that he is so much more than just a guy playing a super hero. I'll be frank, for me it is hard to get into films about the making of plays, movies or whatever. People who like theater or ever have been active in theater are more likely to find Birdman appealing than someone who has not. But I have to say that the acting by Michael Keaton won me over. He rarely disappoints. In Birdman though he excels. He steals every scene he is in. Every other scene where he is not in for me were mostly distracting or pointless. I think actors like Emma Stone and Edward Norton could have been replaced by other actors and it would have made no difference. Replacing Keaton however that simply would have ruined the movie. Somehow Michael Keaton is perfect for this role. I think it is always interesting to see someone give his everything to achieve what he or she wants to achieve. And how many obstacles that someone has to overcome. Here these obstacles might seem very little to people not from this world. But does that really matter? We all face these obstacles in one form or another. It's how you deal with them and how you overcome them in the end to achieve your goal. Or at least have tried to do everything what it takes to achieve. So many people saying it can't be done, you are no good, better stick to what you know etc. How would you deal with that? I think this is what Birdman shows us. While it takes place in this world of theater or perhaps even a magic one that seems intertwined with the theater one you can apply the problems Riggan faces to any other field or profession. I liked Birdman but I am fully aware this film will not be for everyone. Although I do suggest to give it a chance. There is magic to be found in this one if you let it! Also this film is full of references and stabs at Hollywood and Broadway.  And if not for that then do it for Michael Keaton's acting. It's phenomenal. On top of that there are some really hilarious scenes that will make you laugh when you least expect to. Like I said there is a lot to be found if you let it. So give it a shot.

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