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Review The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. They never should have made The Hobbit in the first place.

genre: action, adventure, fantasy

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was a major improvement on the first Hobbit and had made me look forward to the last in this trilogy. The abrupt ending promised more thrills and spectacle. And what we got instead was a huge mess. 

I honestly don't know how to describe what I have experienced because it is not entirely bad but it's not good either. Without a doubt this is one of the worst Peter Jackson movies I have seen. Which is credit to him since he rarely makes bad ones. But where did he go wrong? Quite a few things I could mention but first of all it's the narrative. The way he tells the story. Everything is pushed aside to focus on the action. And that is not something I necessarily find a bad thing. However every context and relevance is lost since a lot of events are happening out of the blue without giving proper motivation of why it is happening. The clever tie ins to the Lord of the Rings in previous parts also have gone and almost made you wish that darkness would prevail like an alternative storyline was being told. (I don't know, maybe tell the story from the point of view from the orcs. Now that would be something and so much better than what we get in this tale.) On top of that there is hardly any Hobbit action. Bilbo is supposed to be the main character but here he is more a supporting character that is made look like someone who does not really belong there. If that is not a sign that something went wrong then I don't know what is. Watching this film feels like the once incredibly committed director has lost his way or mind somehow. First you get this huge buildup in The Desolation of Smaug. I was prepared for some major destruction and mayhem to be displayed in some grand scenes. Then the actual scene that starts immediately where it was left off. There was destruction and mayhem but never was it impressive. Not once did it feel epic or that there truly was something at stake. It was over before you got the chance to get immersed by it. The lack of dramatic impact made it even worse. Only in one scene there was one and in hindsight the scene after completely destroys this since then something occurs that you could hardly take serious. And it continues to do so because it is obvious there is not that much plot left to tell. Or there is but has been left out from the start making it impossible for Peter Jackson to make it right. Normally I am very forgiving when it comes to CGI and special effects but in some scenes it was really laughable. How is it possible to have worse effects than The LOTR trilogy? Overall this third part did not feel like it ended properly. It makes you wonder what the point was of this trilogy. Other than making money of course. I thought that Peter Jackson was one of the film makers that was incorruptible or at least trying to make art. Seems like he has sold out. But for what? 

Overall I can't recommend this film. It ends the trilogy but doesn't give you proper closure. In fact it made me quite angry. Because with this part the whole Hobbit Trilogy has become pointless and obsolete.  They never should have made The Hobbit in the first place. 

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