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Review The Maze Runner (2014)

genre: science fiction, adventure, fantasy, action

The Maze Runner fits right in with movies such as The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Giver and Ender's Game. So if you like them you will definitely like this one since this one very rarely slows down or loses strength. Not saying that there is a lot of plot but the way it is told it's fast, thrilling and very effective. The acting is done well and believable. The Maze Runner is like an updated version of Lord of the Flies and will appeal to a broad audience since it does not get caught up into the same traps as the movies I mentioned above do. No love triangles or any other love related issues. Which was very refreshing I might add. If there is a criticism I have to make is that I do think the movie takes itself a little too seriously. Still that does add to the buildup of tension and thrills so not really a complaint. The concept maybe done to death by now but I think this offered all I ever wanted and has made me look forward to it's sequel.

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