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Review The Imitation Game (2014): A movie with a hidden agenda

genre: war, drama, thriller

There are two reasons why I was compelled to see The Imitation Game. First one was because it's a Oscar contender and I wanted to see how good it is and how it is compared to my favourite Oscar nominated one Birdman. The second reason was that this was advertised as a thriller. A historic thriller set during the Second World War. However at the same time that was also one of the reasons why I was hesitant to watch it at first. What you talking about Chrichton? Let me explain. It's really hard to for a film to be suspenseful and thrilling if you already know the outcome. And The Imitation Game very wisely avoids this. Instead we are being offered a little look at Alan Turing and others and how they played a pivotal part. At least assuming the film is historically accurate. Since this is a movie that is focused on something entirely else I suspect that certain freedom has been applied considering the facts. Does it matter? No, it does not. Deep down The Imitation Game tackles another issue. Homosexuality and how it was looked upon. It is rather disconcerting to find out (because I had no clue) that the so called civilized Great Britain had criminalized homosexuality until a new law came in effect which is the Sexual Offences Act 1967. So for me that was educational. However I don't watch movies to be educated. For me it has to entertain me to some level even if the political or social message is important. And that is does. The film moves rather swiftly through events and the acting is superb on all fronts and especially Benedict Cumberbatch. I am one of the few who is a little more critical towards the otter. But here I must admit that he does impress and helps you engage into this movie. Overall I do think The Imitation Game is a good movie and worth your time however I don't think it's a classic or a masterpiece. It's too subtle and plays it a little to safe. One could argue that the audience has been fooled or tricked in how this film was advertised. I think most people were expecting a film full of intrigue, twist and turns and what not. Instead we get a light drama about something else. And I understand that for some this will be very disappointing. 

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