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Review The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014): I thoroughly enjoyed it!

genre: comedy, adventure, crime, drama

Until this point, I had never watched a Wes Anderson film, and this one just might have convinced me to catch up on his work. I thoroughly enjoyed The Grand Budapest Hotel, and a lot has to do with the wonderful characters and the quirkiness of this film. 

While most of the events play out like that of an old school farce there are some subtle serious themes like fascism and war hidden behind all the craziness. It's mostly a comedy with a kind of humour I can appreciate. Which is the more subtle kind. Then at very pivotal moments this film manages to get to you, move you when you least expect it.  These moments are very brief but have a large impact. And all of this is presented in a very artistic and stylish manner. On top of this, a lot of well known actors appear and no matter how short still make an impression. The plot might not be the most complicated. But like I said, a lot is hidden or displayed very subtly that at times do make you think. It wasn't as evasive as some of the big Oscar movies tend to do. The acting was very good, especially Ralph Fiennes as Gustave and his protégé Zero, played by Tony Revolori. Their on-screen chemistry is amazing, and they get the best out of a scene even if not much is going on. 

Overall, this surely is one I can recommend. And I hope it will do well with the Oscars this year. 

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