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Review Firestorm a.k.a. Fung bou (2013): Let yourself overwhelm you by it's insanity.

genre: action, crime, thriller,

Firestorm is a violent, bombastic and totally ridiculous action film and strangely enough because of this quite a compelling watch. 

Don't count on making sense of the plot or the characters and their motivations. Because at one point the logic is lost and trying to look for answers will get in the way of enjoying the crazy action scenes. The plot is a mixed bag of intrigue and melodrama that at one moment have you in tears and make you root for the cops. And the next the one guy you are rooting for makes some questionable decisions confusing the hell out of you. With result that you now are rooting for another guy who apparently can't get a break either. This film will really question the upside of having a good morality. But don't let it get to you too much, you are not supposed to. It all works in favour of the action. Firestorm reminded me very much of Heat (1995). Only where someone extracted the things he liked visually and stripped down everything else that was vital to that classic. Remember the shootout scene in that classic movie. Well, Firestorm consists of multiple scenes like that only magnified and intensified twenty times over. 

While the overall tone is incredibly serious the key to liking this film is to not take it too seriously and just let yourself overwhelm you by it's insanity. 

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