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Review Arahan (2004): The Korean Kung Fu Hustle

genre: action, martial arts, fantasy, comedy

Arahan is an action/fantasy with a lot of humour. There is a lot of enjoyable martial arts with use of wire works and CGI. The theme concerning the main character who has great power but is not aware of it reminded me of Kungfu Hustle. Like in that movie the main character possesses great power that has yet to be unleashed. It is always fun to see someone train and watch someone getting stronger and more skilled. Personally I can't get enough of these kind of stories. Especially when they are fun and provide a lot of eye candy. Even when this movie is meant to make you laugh it can be very serious at times. The balance between laughter and drama is great. It never gets too much. I enjoyed this film from start till finish. One of the better feel good action comedies. 

Do pay attention to villain Heuk-woon  played by Doo-hong Jung. He is the lead of the excellent Jjakpae a.k.a. City of Violence.

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