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Review Mercenaries (2014): The female version of Expendables? They wish!

genre: action

The Dirty Dozen Meets The Expendables with women. Is it as bad as it sounds? Oh yes! But is it so bad that it becomes good? No, I don't think so. Which is a real shame because there were some good things in it. For one Zoe Bell knows how to kick ass. Her background as a stunt woman oozes in every scene she is in and it truly is a delight to see her grace the screen. Nicole Bilderback provides the comic relief with ease and I was surprised to see her act so well. She was one of the few who truly understand what was needed to make the film digestible. But too bad that most of the cast had no clue. Brigitte Nielsen used to be able to act at least good enough to make her roles believable. Only back then she made some effort. Here she is plain awful. I don't mind actors hamming it up. Most of the time that makes it more fun. In Mercenaries though it almost was unbearable to watch. Kristinna Loken at first does look like she belongs but I felt she took everything far too seriously. Which brings me to Vivica A. Fox. I personally always have like her in the movies I have seen her in. And in this one I don't really dislike her. But her attempt into playing a more crooked character was not convincing enough. And why oh why didn't they give Cynthia Rothrock a more prominent role. I mean we all know what she is capable of. But hopefully this means she is back making action flicks and I am sure some of them will be worth watching. Mercenaries however simply does not cut it. It starts out real good with a fast pace but soon it slows down and becomes tedious. Only some of the action scenes are nice enough to watch. Everything else is just rubbish. I can't recommend this one. It's simply not fun enough to be accepted as guilty pleasure.

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