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Review Assault on Dome 4 a.k.a. Chase Morran (1996 TV Movie)

genre: action, science fiction, thriller

Apparently it is very hard to get a copy of this film and even Bruce Campbell makes fun of his role in My Name is Bruce. Luckily for me someone posted it on a video site in very good quality so I could enjoy it. And let me tell you. It is one of the better Die Hard clones. 

Is it a good movie? Not a chance. This one is as cheesy as they come although in a good way. The biggest reason to watch this clone is Bruce Campbell. He is hamming it up big time and is simply a joy to watch. The main character Chase Morran played by Joshep Culp (son of Robert Culp) is actually very believable as unwanted hero. You will have to ignore his one liners because they are far from funny. Although the fact that they aren't makes it funny. So what about the action? For some reason the director Gilbert Po (who never directed a movie after this one ever again) thought it was wise to shoot the action scenes in slow motion. And in general that does make it visually more appealing. However in this case the slow motion is done poorly and has a very laughable effect. But it's not over used so that most action scenes are decent. In general I think his direction was quite decent. It certainly is much better than say that of Brett Ratner or Uwe Boll. I wonder what happened to him? Assault on Dome 4 is incredibly fast paced, witty and blatant copy of Die Hard. In fact one could almost see it as a parody on it since the motive for Alex Windham (Bruce Campbell) is so ridiculous and far fetched that it must have been meant as some sort of satire. 

Overall this TV Movie is entertaining from start till finish and it definitely belongs to the better Die Hard rip offs. Then how come it is so difficult to get a hold of this movie? If you can get hold of a copy or can watch it on television or online then do so. It's a lot of fun.

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