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Review My Name is Bruce (2008)

genre: comedy, horror

After seeing My Name is Bruce I realized that Bruce Campbell has made a lot of movies i still have to watch. Which is saying something because I have seen a lot of the ones he features in. When I learned about this movie I was expecting something like a parody on Evil Dead which a much larger audience could appreciate. What you get instead is a parody on the actor Bruce Campbell himself. If you are a fan or seen him in some movies or TV shows than you know that he has a certain acting style that you either love or just hate. Personally I think he is a pretty good actor that doesn't take himself so seriously as many other actors do. But he is able to to give dramatic depth or even be super serious when the role demands it. If you are not familiar to his style or never even heard of the guy than you will have a hard time of liking this movie since 99% is making fun of his own character and the movies he has made in the past. My name is Bruce is a pretty good comedy but don't expect more than that! 

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