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Review Superman versus The Elite (2012) and Superman: Unbound (2013)

genre: animation, super hero, action, science fiction,

Superman versus The Elite (2012)

Superman versus The Elite has an interesting concept that challenges Superman in another way. It asks if Superman and his morality still are relevant in this day and age? Personally I think if a guy like Superman would exist he is exactly what the world would need. Like Superman said it is so easy to give in to anger and vengeance. And once people see how ugly violence is, it frightens the people. Because it is frightening to lose control, to lose your humanity. It was good to get a taste of what it would happen if Superman lost control and give into his anger. In a world where people become cynical and harder every day it is good to have people who inspire us to get the best out of ourselves and see good in people even if we are flawed. Now even while I liked this premise to be explored I wasn't entirely convinced since a lot of the events displayed seem filler content. They were just there to repeat the question that was being asked. And it does not help that the anti heroes are more presented as villains. You simply know right from the start they are no good. Which makes it a little too convenient to favour Supes vision on things. Nonetheless this one will make you feel good at the end. Which is always a plus for me. Not bad.

Superman: Unbound (2013)

Compared to Superman versus The Elite I like this one a little better since we see doing Superman what he is doing best, which is being Super. I must admit that I am not that familiar with Brainiac as a villain. I have heard of him and I know that he is regarded as one of the top villains Superman has to encounter regularly.  But why exactly that is? Well, I think this animated movie showed enough to make it clear why Brainiac is dangerous. Next to this main plot there were a couple of sub plots that actually tied in to the main plot quit nicely. I liked it how Supergirl was included and how she also mattered. Same goes for Lois who delivers most of the comic relief. One particular scene comes to mind and it was freaking hilarious. I am one of the few people in this world who doesn't like Lois much but in both Superman versus The Elite and Superman: Unbound I liked her very much. The animation and the action was a lot better than that of Superman versus The Elite. For me this was very fun and entertaining.

While I enjoyed these two Superman animated movies somehow they felt a little tame compared to other ones in the DC Universe. The Batman animated ones are far more compelling and thrilling. And while Batman without a doubt is more intriguing I do think that Superman deserves much better treatment. He is the ideal super hero to go nuts with action wise. But I have to see the other ones as well to see if they do better.

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