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Review American Sniper (2014): This is not a movie, it's propaganda of the worst kind!

genre: war, action, drama

With Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima Clint Eastwood was able to show heroism and pay tribute to fallen heroes but also show another side and be critical of what was considered heroism. In American Sniper there is no criticism of any kind. Anything that could be seen as such is made so insignificant that it almost makes a mockery out of what some American soldiers are dealing with. Here was a chance to pay serious attention to something like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but what we are shown is too pathetic for words. What really astonished me about American Sniper is that there is no mention, not even a question of the legitimacy of the Iraqi war. The Americans are presented as the good guys and almost all of the Iraqi's as terrorists and villains. Just ask yourself if one day your country would get invaded for whatever reason. And people you know were getting killed around you. Wouldn't you take arms and defend yourself? Or would people go, oh yeah, we know you think we are bad, please sir kill us. Throughout this film our main character Chris Kyle is being called a hero. But exactly what is so heroic about what he has done? He was doing what he was supposed to be doing. His job. Protecting soldiers by killing of threats towards the soldiers that were patrolling. Soldiers who had no business being in that country anyways. Chris Kyle killed people from a distance. Did he do anything remotely humane? Did he do something other than killing? And how do we know for sure that the people he killed were actually threats? Set aside the politics and the war. What about the movie? Is it any good? I don't think so. If this movie is supposed to be a biography on Chris Kyle then it absolutely failed. I did not knew a thing about him before the movie and still don't know anything after the movie. At least not something that I found note worthy. I can't even tell you if the portrayals in this movie are good since there are hardly any interactions or displays of dramatic impact. Which is not always needed but the man with no name himself used to know how to say a lot with minimal means. In this he simply does not say anything. In fact the whole film lacks substance and depth. There is nothing that stands out. Not the plot, not the acting, not the visuals, not the action. There is no point, no message. The only emotion I am feeling is because of the politics and what this movie stands for. Which is anger. But let us not get into that. Overall this is a poorly done biopic that is generic as they come and if you ask me a complete waste of your time.  Clint Eastwood usually was able to provide some excitement in some form. Only here he drops the ball big time.


Anonymous said...

You should seek to understand how hard of a job it is to be a sniper, then come back and report on it.

chrichtonsworld.com said...

I should not seek to understand anything. All I require is logic. Yes you need skill and patience. And yes you will be dropped into very dangerous places. Although with a effort and hard training anybody can learn to shoot a sniper rifle. Of course some shots could be considered brilliant. Still it is something basically anyone can do. There are many people doing more above and beyond their job and duty and they don't get paid at all or not enough. Here in the Netherlands the majority of the firefighters are volunteers. They don't have to be there. But they are. And they risk their life on a daily basis. That is what I called heroic. What exactly did this guy do that was above and beyond his duty? Just because you are so brainwashed and can't think for yourself doesn't mean others can't. I will respect people who earn respect. But not someone who killed women and children who were in their right to defend themselves. How many Americans would just stand by when being invaded by another country? All of you would take arms and shoot to kill. What makes you think people in other countries would not do the same. You may think you are good guys but in this case you weren't.




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