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Review Apt a.k.a. Apateu (2006)

genre: horror

Why this movie is being compared to Ringu is a mystery to me. The only element that can be compared is the woman with the long black hair that walks funny. Personally I think this movie is much more like Ju-On: the Grudge. Does this mean that APT is not worth your time? Well, that depends. If you like these kind of horror movies than I would recommend this one. If you can't stand to see these long haired Asian chicks than you should not bother to see this movie. I think that APT does a good job in creating a creepy atmosphere and sometimes even scare you. The first 70 minutes are quite thrilling. Even the back story is compelling and touching. Only the last twenty minutes were predictable and a major letdown. As it fails to explain why the main character feels so compelled to investigate the suicides happening in the apartment building across her own. it never gets clear what the connection is between the main character and the woman from the subway. It is a real shame that they did not follow up on this part of the story since it's buildup was as scary as the main mystery. It could have provided more depth and it's solution could have made a much better ending. Some reviewers complain that this movie isn't original enough. And to some degree I can agree on that. But to be honest there aren't many horror movies out there that are truly original. Most themes are used over and over again. I think that as long as the movie is entertaining and scary enough, being unoriginal should not be an issue. APT is pretty creepy and scary and will entertain you as long as you can ignore the forced ending! 

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