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Review Gone Girl (2014)

genre: thriller, crime, drama

Gone Girl is a very hyped movie and with very good reason. It is directed by David Fincher. Someone who has proven himself to make really compelling thrillers. So when I heard about this title I was expecting a lot of good but also something completely different. I thought this was going to be a little more traditional and more by the books where we were presented with a case and suspects and we would have to to figure out who the culprit was going to be. I really enjoy that. Instead I got served something very twisted and wicked nevertheless very entertaining in it's own right. People who might be put off by the duration of the film I can assure you the minutes went by real fast. Before I knew it the movie was finished. Which in my opinion is a very good thing. Because that means the movie did grab me. However there are many elements that conveniently have been overlooked or left out and that could make it very hard for people to swallow the story. In fact if you think about it almost everything in this movie that unfolds to us is quite unrealistic and illogical. Now don't get me wrong when it comes to thrillers I am very willing to suspend disbelief if the movie becomes more fun that way which is the case here. Still I can understand that for some this is impossible to do and it would kill the enjoyment for them. And this is especially the case with the ending. No matter how you look at it, it's one that disappoints. Simply because it seems like it's one just put in there for shock and not properly motivated at all. Overall I don't feel like this is a waste of time since I enjoyed watching it but it sure is not as clever as it is made out to be and I suggest watching this in good company so you could discuss some of the events that occur.  It makes the viewing experience far more enjoyable. On your own you might just get angry. 

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