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Review The Myth a.k.a. Shen hua (2005)

genre: action, adventure, martial arts

This is a much better movie than previous Jackie Chan movies made in Hollywood! There is more of a story and more drama. The scenery is excellent. It really brings out the beauty China and India has to offer. After reading several comments from reviewers I can not understand that they did not like this movie. Yes it's a little more serious, yes it is not typical JC action. But people forget JC is not up to his stunts because of his age. Still he kicks ass like the martial artist he is. I am a Jackie Chan fan since I could watch movies (I think when I was around 5 years old)! And i have always liked his movies until he made real bad ones in Hollywood. Since his return in Hongkong you can see the improvement (maybe freedom he has making this movie). The use of CGI was fitting for this kind of story. Honestly I really was moved by the story. Something I did not expect. People who love action you will get what you want, amazing stunts and the best martial arts. Also you romantic lovers will not be disappointed. I have only one point of criticism and that is the abrupt ending. But overall one of the better (Jackie Chan) movies made these last years. 

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