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Review Endhiran a.k.a. Enthiran a.ka. The Robot (2010) (Certainly a unique experience!)

genre; action, science fiction,

You have to be prepared though. This is a movie of extremes. There is no room for subtlety. And strangely it works in the movie. What I know from South Indian cinema is that they love the fantastic genre. And Endhiran has taken it to the next level. While the cgi scenes in itself can be perceived as cheesy for the most times it was used very creatively. Simply said it was fun to look at. Rajnikant shows why he is perceived as the superstar he is.He is quite amazing in his double role although he also could be very off at times. I think that is the directions fault. Overall this movie isn't meant to make you think but to to entertain. Even when some serious subjects are getting discussed here. Of course some scenes look like they are copied from movies like Terminator or I, Robot! Still, it did not bother me at all since most scenes did gave another spin to it. Thumbs up for this production! (Oh yeah, this film does contain musical numbers though, so you have been warned).

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