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Review February 29 a.k.a. 2 wol 29 il (2006)

genre: horror, thriller

Don't expect something like Ju on or The Ring. It may appear similar but the approach is different from those movies. There is this urban legend where the scares are build on. But look closely at the source and the main character and you will know something is off. There are two twists at the ending which will motivate you to watch the movie again. I think that for the avid horror fan there is not enough gore and action. The pace is a bit on the slow side. And I do think it would have made more impact if the movie had a faster pace and had there been more murders. But I understand that this movie is more about the atmosphere. The cinematography and location (the toll booth in the middle of nowhere) provide an ambiance which is creepy enough. In combination with the slow pace and the urban legend concerning 29 February you will be drawn in the movie. The main character is likable and not annoying. Even when you suspect something is wrong with her you will care for her. This is key for the two twists at the ending. I have to mention that this film is part of a series called 4 Horror Tales. As of yet I haven't watched those but I will and review them when I get the chance to. This one is worth the watch as long as you keep your expectations in check.

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