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Review Suicide Kings (1997)

genre: crime, thriller

This title had been around for a while at the rental shop back in the day when I still went to rental shops. I ignored it because I hadn't heard about it. Since it was a small rental video store I was running out of titles for me to watch so I rented it and watched it and was a bit ashamed that I didn't rent it earlier. This was before I ever heard of Internet Movie Data Base. Back then you had to rely on TV programs or reviews in papers where little movies barely got the attention they deserved. So I Anyway this movie really surprised me. I expected this to be an average crime movie. But it is more than that. It is a very exciting thriller with a lot of twists and a surprise ending. All the actors perform well. Of course they are no match for Christopher Walken since he steals every scene he is in. The plot seems simple at first, but soon you will realize that matters are much more complex than initially presented. There are several comedic scenes since "the kidnappers" are not very experienced and even get tips from Christopher Walken how to do better. Even when kidnapped he is such a gentleman. It is a real mystery to me why this film is so underrated. With an incredible fast pace, excellent acting, several twists and turns offering thrills, comedy and more you should think it would get more press and praise. Trust me on this. It's a title you won't regret watching. 

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