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Review Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014): One you can watch over and over again, a classic!

genre: action, adventure, comic book, super hero, science fiction,

The first time I viewed this I was completely taken away by this marvelous piece of movie. The second time I still was. Captain America: The Winter Soldier shows how a blockbuster should be.

It delivers highly on action and thrills mixed up with good drama and comic relief. Plus an intriguing tale that may seem simple but actually is a social commentary without it seeming like preaching. Captain America who stands for freedom and righteousness is even more likable in this feature and Chris Evans has really grown in his character. I never would have believed that the man who portrayed The Human Torch once not really that convincingly was such a powerhouse actor. Since The Fantastic Four franchise he has take on several different role like in The Iceman and Snowpiercer where you almost don't recognize him. Apart from the make up he actually became the characters he was portraying. But as Captain America he is undoubtedly the best. It's hard to pull of an icon of that magnitude but he manages to do exactly that. When is on the screen he inspires and you are willing to let him lead you in battle. The story in itself is quite surprising as it tries to add suspense in a way you would not expect to be in a feel good Super hero movie. I already was aware of the deeper story lines from the Marvel comics and it is very nice to see they want to show more of those. It's also nice how the tv show Agents of Shield ties into this story. Some of the later episodes take place at the same time. Which if you think about shows how great the scale of this story actually is. A lot of stories from The Marvel comic universe crossed over where each comic book character focused on one different aspect from the event. It is something that to me is simply epic no matter how flawed. Naturally I could say more but I think this is one you should watch and let it surprise you. Without a doubt this is one of the best in the Marvel franchise. A classic roller coaster ride!

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