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Review Predestination (2014)

genre: thriller, drama, science fiction

Predestination is a movie that if you say too much about the plot it will ruin it. So I will try to avoid saying too much about it. 

When Predestination starts it leaves you guessing throughout. Although I figured most things out one when a certain plot development came to light. (Not the first one because that was kinda obvious. But the one after 40 minutes or so). From that moment on Predestination keeps explaining slowly how and why events were happening. For me this was a bit unnecessary but maybe the film makers were counting on people not always paying good attention and wanted to make sure that they also would get it at the end. While the film remained intriguing I must admit that once you already know what is going on it's not as good as in the beginning. However keeping the story to the point and short (meaning very little deviation) backed up by phenomenal acting does save it from becoming tedious and boring. But there is one gripe you have to be able to deal with. I can't tell you what it is without spoiling but it's one for which you have to suspend disbelief a couple of times since it gets crazier and crazier. It's one so far fetched and illogical that almost ruins the film. Almost. Despite, I enjoyed this one so much better than for example Looper. In here you have a more emotional attachment to the characters since their story is told very well. Predestination is one of the better films in the genre but this won't be for everyone. You will have to accept some weirdness and I know some people won't be able to. I myself don't mind strange or weird as long as it is explained elaborately. In this one it happens because it is convenient. Such a flaw I find hard to forgive especially if the ending will leave you with very little else. 

Still this is a very enjoyable movie and it is surprising that this has not gotten more press because it does deserve far better recognition than it has currently.

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