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Review Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

genre: action, adventure, comic book, super hero

Captain America: The First Avenger shows us the making of Captain America. And I think the way they did it was exceptionally done. You see a scrawny looking Chris Evans as Steve Rogers who shows us what a soldier should be about and then gets transformed into the big Marvel Icon we love. I liked it that they showed us enough of Steve Rogers before he became Captain America. How much he tried to get enrolled but keeps getting denied for obvious reasons. He is an underdog that has courage, persistence and heart. How can you not root for him? With him we go on this journey and for me it was a blast from start to finish. Maybe this film wasn't the epic people hoped for but since this one is focused on getting acquainted with icon Captain America it's good nonetheless. We all know by now that the sequel outdid this first one when it comes to spectacle and storytelling. But I this film does a pretty good job to establish the Cap of who he was in World War 2 and who he becomes in this day and age. It is rare to see a character grow on screen. And while it might not be that prominent it is hardly subtle. I think this Marvel film unjustly gets underrated. It does exactly what a good super hero film should do. I like it when you can cheer for a super hero. 

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