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Learning Dutch

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A long time ago I always wondered how many people truly were interested in such a minor language as Dutch. It is one of the most illogical languages to tackle. Besides not many people outside of The Netherlands, Belgium and ex colonies where they speak it. However I was wrong. There are quite a few people who are interested. Now I am fully aware there are plenty of videos out there that dig into this matter. But from what I have seen those are either rushed, unstructured and not really that much fun. I will attempt to make learning Dutch as much fun as possible. And will try to incorporate some structure to my lessons as well. If for some reason I won't be able to I will at least make sure everything is clear to understand. 

Happy Learning everyone!

And here the first two lessons I have made so far. More are coming up. But if you have suggestions or questions concerning Dutch. Then feel free to ask. I will be happy to oblige (for free). (Beertje our mascot will aid you with learning to make it a more pleasurable experience).

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