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Review Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 (2013 - )

genre; action, adventure, comic book adaptation

When news reached me about Agents of Shield I was excited but also at the same time a little skeptical. Because how was it going to work without superheroes or well known Marvel characters featuring in the show? Or were they going to surprise us with a cameo here and there. Or were they just going to ignore certain events and focus on conventional stuff. Well, let me tell you what they did and what I think of the show. (I do assume you have watched The Avengers otherwise you might want to avoid reading this review because it might contain minor spoilers).

The pilot was adequate but not as impressive and actually a bit off putting. So I kept it on hold for a bit. Then I gave it a second chance and stuck with it. The first 6 or 7 episodes might not be that special or spectacular. But they do set up the dynamics between the team members which makes you care for them. And after these episodes more depth is given to some of the characters. Especially to Phil Coulson. As you may know he died in The Avengers (2012). And with him returning naturally you will be wondering how he got back. At first it looked like this was going to be one of those mysteries that would be stretched out and eventually would drag a little. Surprisingly though they managed to keep it interesting. In large part because of Clark Gregg. He is very charismatic and likable. And with him you want to know what he has went through. They way they handled this is almost brilliant. Because they also tied this mystery to other ones in the main arc. The story telling becomes better over time. Like I said it takes about 6 or seven episodes for it to gain momentum. But when it does, it never lets up. So what about the superheroes? They are talked about but they aren't featured. Some of the Marvel characters from the Marvel franchise do make an appearance in one form or another. When they do, it's epic. To make up for the lack of our beloved super heroes Agents of Shield does have to deal with all kinds of meta humans. And it is interesting to see how the agents who don't have super powers deal with it. The action and adventure is quite exciting throughout. But what really is good about this show it manages to make you feel at the end of the episode. One episode it makes you feel good and another you are terrified of the events that just have occurred. Putting you on the edge of the seat and compelling to make you watch the next episode. That really surprised me. It's rare that a show which seemed generic at first progresses in a way that it becomes thrilling and compelling. Agents of Shield is also filled with references to events and characters in the Marvel Universe (comic books and the movies).  Which makes it a feast for fans who love that kind of a thing. So if you were like me having doubts about this show then rest assured. 

It maybe takes a few episodes to get better but it does improve a lot and how. To give you an idea. I binge watched season 1 in 1 day and a half. This is with doing stuff in between. (hey life does go on!) Overall this is my kind of show. After having seen the first three episodes of season 2 this has only confirmed it. Go watch it!

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