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Review Dark Shadows (2012)

genre: fantasy, comedy

Dark Shadows showed real promise in the beginning. It caught my interest and reassured me of my fear of this not being good. Then soon after it was worse than I dreaded. Dark Shadows has no energy to it. No soul. It has a bit of comedy and weirdness to give you a chuckle. Especially Johnny Depp plays Barnabas with a flair or could we call it overacting. I like him in most of his movies but now I just did not like him at all. To get matters worse, there is almost no plot to speak off. There are some nice scenes but not enough of them for me to forgive for the boredom this movie puts me through. I could care less about any of the characters. So what is there actually to enjoy? I tell you, nothing. The few action scenes do catch your eye when you see them but right after you forget all about them. The whole film is like that. Everything is so damn forgettable and not that enjoyable. Except the opening scene. That one was brilliant. Could it be Tim Burton was awake and proactive when directing this scene and for the remainder could not be bothered and let some trained monkeys take over. If they did I think they would do a much better job. So I doubt it. More likely a pretentious film student thought he had what it takes and convinced Tim Burton to let him take the reigns. And Tim Burton gladly did this so he could work on his next project  whatever that may be. Tim, my dear fellow. Maybe it is time you picked another actor and different kind of project if only to offer some variety. Seems like there is some fatigue plaguing your work. Or step up your game, man! And make gems like Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish or Beetlejuice. This film is beneath you.

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