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Review Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon 2013 (PS3)

genre: action, adventure, fps

Blood Dragon is a standalone expansion to Far Cry 3. And let me tell you I am not really fond of these since most of the time they are to make profit with very minimal means. But I can assure you Blood Dragon is an example of how an expansion should be. It does something that is quite difficult to pull of. Let me tell what this is.

It manages to offer you a different gaming experience based on already known game play mechanics. However Blood Dragon goes beyond that. It even improves on the experience in some ways. The biggest draw is that the creators have magically captured all the goodness of the Eighties in this little game. It is filled with references to old Eighties action movies and it's heroes and it refers to video gaming of that time and after. For example the cut scenes are very much like what older games of that decade would show. I have read some comments on youtube how people complained about this. How can a game have these low grade graphics to tell the story? Well, that is the joke. Back then those cut scenes were all we had and we loved it. You do have to get this. The nostalgia factor is huge in this game. The dialogue, the references and even the atmosphere all is very much Eighties. I know a lot of people have been waiting forever for a good Terminator game and this is the closest to it. I mean our main character Rex who is an American cybernetic super soldier voiced by Michael Biehn. One of the leads in the original Terminator. And he is real iconic for everything sci fi and action of that magnificent period. His skills and abilities in the games also refer to those genres. Basically Michael Biehn is a Terminator like being. How many of you have wanted to play as Terminator mowing down enemies with a huge machine gun named Terror 4000. And yes, it makes good on it's name. In fact once you get this weapon you won't be needing other ones since this is pretty much a game breaker. But I think that is the whole point of that weapon. Before you get this weapon you will notice the difficulty of this game is quite high. It encourages you to do side missions to level up and such since otherwise it is very unlikely you will be able to survive. Stealth is still very much part of the game if you choose to play it that way but I do think this game wants you to go over the top and go crazy and shoot everything that is in sight. Then there are the visuals. There is no mistake that it screams science fiction as it was portrayed in most of the films made in that time especially Terminator. Add to that the pretty epic theme music and you are running around in a world where you truly feel like a badass throughout the game. No matter how cheesy the story is. It's a whole lot better than the one in the original. Blood Dragon is proof that you can make a great game based on a simple story but that you have to create a way to make you engage into that story. And Blood Dragon surprises you at moments where you think they were out of ammo. Just when you thought, ok this is getting a little repetitive they throw something at you and leave you overjoyed and stunned with immense pleasure. 

FPS genre is not really my thing. For me it has to have elements like stealth or something else to hook me. And Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon delivers on this. It's a game that in my opinion is vastly superior to the original in every way because it hugely concentrates on the fun factor. Far Cry 3 in all it's splendor and unfortunately ridiculousness took itself far too serious. Blood Dragon does not one bit. If it does make you think then it is because of excellent actor Michael Biehn and the way he delivers his lines. Showing the value of having a good actor on board. A must play people!

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