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Cheats Fallout New Vegas (PC)


Cheat Codes
While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Display all console commands help
God mode tgm
Restore health and limb health player.resethealth
Gain one level getXPfornextlevel
Advance one level advlevel
Set player level player.setlevel [number]
Set skill level player.setav [skill name] [1-100]
Set special points setspecialpoints [1-10]
Set tag skill points settagskills [number]
Set health player.modav health [number]
Add Karma points (use negative values for negative karma) RewardKarma [number]
Add skill points modpcs [skill name] [number]
Add S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points modpca [skill name] [number]
Add special points addspecialpoints [number]
Add tag skill points addtagskills [number]
Add Perks player.addperk [perk code]
Add bottle caps player.additem 000000F [number]
Add sunset sarsaparilla blue star bottle caps player.additem 00103B1C [number]
Add Anti-Material Rifle player.additem 0012B38D [number]
Add item player.additem [item code] [number]
Set currently equipped weapon's condition to 100 player.setweaponhealthperc 100
Set ownership of selected item setownership
Set maximum carrying weight player.modav carryweight [number]
Set speed of NPCs and player; default is "4" setgs fmoverunmult [number]
Set NPC scale; 1 is default setscale [number]
Set scale for yourself; 1 is default player.setscale [number]
Sets player jump height; 64 is default setgs fJumpHeightMin [number]
Spawn ammo item box player.placeatme 69EE6
Spawn armor item box player.placeatme 69EE7
Spawn books item box player.placeatme 69EE8
Spawn misc item box player.placeatme 69EE9
Spawn potions item box player.placeatme 69EEA
Spawn weapons item box player.placeatme 8F7B9
Complete current quest GetQuestCompleted
Repair items player.srm
All map markers tmm 1
Move to quest marker movetoqt
Toggle no clipping mode tcl
Toggle fog of war in local map tfow
Toggle power armor use setpccanusepowerarmor [0 or 1]
Remove player from all factions removefromallfactions
Remove all items from selected NPC removeallitems
Remove Perk player.removeperk [perk ID]
Kill selected NPC or enemy kill
Kill everyone killall
Resurrect selected dead NPC or enemy resurrect
Unlock selected physical lock or terminal unlock
Open door without unlocking activate
Perfect VATS aiming SetGS fVATSHitChanceMult 100
Developer test room coc DevArmory
Change faction reputation SetReputation [faction ID] [0 or 1] [1-100]
Change gender SexChange
Change all face options ShowPlasticSurgeonMenu
Change all hair options ShowBarberMenu
Toggle debug display tdt
Debug MegaPistol player.additem 001465A6 1
Toggle detection tDetect
Toggle free camera mode tfc
Toggle gore bDisableAllGore=[0 or 1]
Toggles grass tg
Toggle leaves tlv
Close all menus CloseAllMenus
Save game Save [name]
Save and quit saq
Quit game QQQ
  • Item codes Use one of the following values with the "player.additem [item code] [number]" code:

    PowerArmorTraining 00058FDF
    ArmorPowerT51bHelmet 000A6F78
    ArmorPowerT51b 000A6F77
    ArmorPowerT45d 00014E13
    ArmorPowerT45dHelmet 00014C08
    TeslaPowerArmorHelmet 0006B463
    TeslaPowerArmorGO 0006B462
    OutcastPowerArmor 00060C6F
    ArmorVault34SecurityHelmet 00138DC3
    ArmorVault34Security 00138DC2
    ArmorRemnantsTeslaHelm 00134094
    ArmorRemnantsTesla 00133F31
    ArmorPowerNCRHelmet 0013316B
    ArmorPowerNCRSalvaged 0013316A
    ArmorGannonTeslaHelmet 00133169
    ArmorGannonTesla 00133168
    ArmorPowerRemnantsHelmet 00133167
    ArmorPowerRemnants 00133166
    ArmorNVNCRRangerCombat 00129254
    ArmorCombatReinforced 00126500
    ArmorMetalReinforced 001264FF
    ArmorLeatherReinforced 001264FE
    ArmorCombatBlack 0010D8DC
    ArmorFiendHelmetRare 000F3797
    VMS15Rebreather Rebreather 00100633
    OutfitProstitute03 Wearable Prostitute Outfit 00120853
    OutfitProstitute01 Wearable Chained Prostitute Outfit 00120854
    OutfitProstitute02 Wearable Exposed Prostitute Outfit 00120855
    ArmorCombat Combat Armor 00020420
    ArmorLeather Leather Armor 00020423
    ArmorCombatHelmet Combat Helmet 00020426
    OutfitLucasSimms Sheriff's Duster 00020429
    OutfitTunnelSnake01 Tunnel Snake Outfit 0002042E
    ArmorRaider01 Raider Painspike Armor 0002042F
    ArmorRaider01Helmet Raider Psycho-Tic Helmet 00020432
    MS03EnvironmentSuit Environment Suit 000C09D4
    ArmorNVBoone01 1st Recon Survival Armor 00140C38
    ArmorNVBoone02 1st Recon Assault Armor 00140C39
    ArmorMetalHelmetReinforced Metal Helmet, Reinforced 00140D46
    ArmorNVNCRTrooperMP NCR Military Police Armor 0012116A
    Vault106GasMask Makeshift Gas Mask 000C111A
    OutfitRepconCult Bright Brotherhood Robe 00081792
    KIDOutfitPrewarChildandWatch Pre-War Outfit and Watch 0008198C
    MS04LeskosLabCoat Lesko's Lab Coat 000C24F9
    JasonBrightoutfit Jason Bright's Outfit 001428EC
    VaultSuit101Utility Vault 101 Utility Jumpsuit 000425BA
    CowboyHat01 Desperado Cowboy Hat 000E2DD0
    ArmorWhiteGloveSociety White Glove Society Attire 00163119
    HatVanceHat Vance's Lucky Hat 000E2F40
    OutfitMerc05 Merc Grunt Outfit 000A3045
    HatVikkiBonnet Vikki's Bonnet 000E32F1
    MS18RangerBattlearmor Ranger Battle Armor 00023030
    HVExplosiveCollar Explosive Collar 000E3791
    PipBoyNPC Pip-Boy 3000 000236D8
    RavenRockCorpseArmorEnclave Enclave Power Armor 00023B62
    VaultSuit21 Vault 21 Jumpsuit 00104184
    MS03VaultSuit21Armored Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit 001046F8
    VaultSuit101 Vault 101 Jumpsuit 0000431E
    ArmorEnclave Enclave Power Armor 0004443E
    ArmorEnclaveHelmet Enclave Power Helmet 0004443F
    ArmorLegate Legate's Armor 001649DD
    ArmorNVPGSoldier Powder Gang Soldier Outfit 000A472E
    ArmorNVPGPlain Powder Gang Plain Outfit 000A472F
    ArmorNVPGGuardArmor Powder Gang Guard Armor 000A4730
    ArmorNVPGSimple Powder Gang Simple Outfit 000A4731
    OutfitBennySuit Benny's Suit 00104C23
    VFSArmorCombatBlackVanGraff Van Graff Combat Armor 001251C9
    ArmorPowerUnplayable Power Armor 00025083
    OutfitBoSScribe Brotherhood Scribe Robe 000854CF
    OutfitFormalWear Formal Wear 001258C2
    FormalWearHat Tuxedo Hat 001258C3
    HelmetNVNCRRangerCombat Ranger Helmet 00145EC5
    OutfitMerc06 Merc Cruiser Outfit 000C5D34
    PipBoyGlove Pip-Boy Glove 00025B83
    ArmorLeatherReinforced Leather Armor, Reinforced 001264FE
    ArmorMetalReinforced Metal Armor, Reinforced 001264FF
    ArmorCombatReinforced Combat Armor, Reinforced 00126500
    ArmorNVGKSoldier Great Khan Soldier Armor 000E6749
    ArmorNVGKSuit Great Khan Suit Armor 000E674A
    ArmorNVGKArmored Great Khan Armored Leather 000E674B
    ArmorNVGKSimple Great Khan Simple Armor 000E674C
    OutfitMysteriousStranger Mysterious Stranger Outfit 0006696D
    Firehelmet Fire Helmet 00146F23
    ArmorCombatHelmetReinforced Combat Helmet, Reinforced 0014722A
    ArmorPowerT51b T-51b Power Armor 000A6F77
    HelmetNVGKSpike Great Khan Spike Helmet 000E7091
    ArmorPowerT51bHelmet T-51b Power Helmet 000A6F78
    RedRacerLabCoat The Surgeon's Lab Coat 000C71E1
    HatTakomaBaseballCap Takoma Park Little Leaguer Cap 000C72FB
    HatConstruction Construction Hat 000E78C6
    VMS15BoomerOutfitWearable Janet's Boomer Outfit 00107AF2
    NVSlaveBackpack Slave Backpack 00127C6A
    ArmorTorcherMask Torcher's Mask 000C7C4E
    ArmorWanderersLeather Wanderer's Leather Armor 000C7C54
    OutfitVeronicaRobes Veronica's Armored Robes 0014823E
    CowboyHat02 Cattleman Cowboy Hat 001083E0
    CowboyHat03 Rawhide Cowboy Hat 001083E1
    ArmorFiendHelmet01 Fiend Battle Helmet 000E89F3
    MS04AmorousAttire Naughty Nightwear 000C8E07
    ArmorNVNCRRangerCombat NCR Ranger Combat Armor 00129254
    ArmorReconHelmet Recon Armor Helmet 00028EAD
    KIDHatPartyChild Kid's Party Hat 00028FF8
    HatPrewarBaseballCap Pre-War Baseball Cap 00028FF9
    OutfitWastelandHat04 Ballcap with Glasses 00028FFA
    OutfitBoomer1 Boomer Jumpsuit 00109A92
    OutfitBoomer2 Boomer Flightsuit 00109A93
    Underwear Underwear 00089B52
    OutfitVeronicaHood Veronica's Hood 0016A26F
    ArmorBoomerWeldingHelmet Welding Helmet 0010A0D0
    CowboyHat04 Rattan Cowboy Hat 0010A427
    CowboyHat05 Old Cowboy Hat 0010A428
    HatNVPsychicNullifier Psychic Nullifier 000EADDF
    OutfitRaul Raul Armor 0014B053
    HatRaul Raoul Hat 0014B054
    VaultSuit77 Vault 77 Jumpsuit 000CAFBE
    OutfitBoomersCap Boomers Cap 0010B3E7
    OutfitBoomersHat Boomers Hat 0010B3E8
    OutfitBoomersHelmet Boomers Helmet 0010B3E9
    HatPoliceAdult Police Hat 000AB491
    UniqueArmorDefender Defender Armor 000CB543
    UniqueArmorCommando Commando Armor 000CB544
    ArmorUniqueWastelander Wastelander's Gear 000CB545
    ArmorUniqueExplorer Explorer's Gear 000CB549
    UniqueGlassesLuckyShades Lucky Shades 000CB54B
    ArmorUniqueCombat Shellshocked Combat Armor 000CB5EF
    ArmorUniqueCombatHelmet Shellshocked Combat Helmet 000CB5F0
    ArmorUniqueEnclave Enclave Shocktrooper Armor 000CB5F3
    ArmorUniqueEnclaveHelmet Enclave Shocktrooper Helmet 000CB5F4
    ArmorUniqueLeather Road Rascal Leather Armor 000CB5F5
    ArmorUniqueMetal Apocalypse Gladiator Armor 000CB5F6
    ArmorUniqueMetalHelmet Apocalypse Gladiator Helmet 000CB5F7
    ArmorUniqueRecon Composite Recon Armor 000CB5FA
    ArmorUniqueReconHelmet Composite Recon Helmet 000CB5FB
    ArmorUniqueRaider01 Sharp-Dressed Raider's Armor 000CB5FC
    ArmorUniqueRaider01Helmet The Devil's Pigtails 000CB5FD
    ArmorUniqueRaider02 Hand-Me-Down Raider Armor 000CB5FE
    ArmorUniqueRaider04 Highway Scar Armor 000CB5FF
    ArmorUniqueRaider04Helmet Pyro Helmet 000CB600
    OutfitUniqueEnclaveScientist All-Purpose Science Suit 000CB605
    OutfitUniqueMerc01 Merc Charmer Outfit 000CB606
    OutfitUniqueMerc02 Merc Troublemaker Outfit 000CB607
    OutfitUniqueMerc03 Merc Adventurer Outfit 000CB608
    OutfitUniqueMerc04 Wasteland Legend Outfit 000CB609
    OutfitUniqueMerc05 Merc Grunt Outfit 000CB60A
    ArmorTeslaPower Tesla Armor 0006B464
    OutfitUniqueMerc06 Merc Cruiser Outfit 000CB60B
    ArmorTeslaHelmet Tesla Helmet 0006B465
    OutfitUniquePrewarBusinesswearDirtyDARK Power-Suit Armor 000CB60C
    OutfitUniquePrewarCasualwear Pre-War Casualwear 000CB60D
    OutfitMysteriousStrangerHat Mysterious Stranger Hat 0006B467
    OutfitUniquePrewarNegligee Sleepwear 000CB60E
    OutfitUniquePrewarSpring2 Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit 000CB60F
    OutfitWastelandMerchant01 Roving Trader Outfit 0002B385
    GamblerMHat02 Suave Gambler Hat 0012B86D
    GamblerMHat03 Well-Heeled Gambler Hat 0012B86E
    VaultSuit34 Vault 34 Jumpsuit 0012B965
    VaultSuit11 Vault 11 Jumpsuit 0012B966
    MQ04PlayerOutfit Pre-War Outfit and Watch 000ABBE2
    HelmetNVNCRTrooperMP MP Trooper Helmet 0010BEE9
    OutfitJailhouseRocker Jailhouse Rocker 0010C67C
    MountedVaultSuit101Armored Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit 0006C587
    OutfitFollowersDoctor Followers Doctor Coat 0010C876
    OutfitMerc04 Merc Veteran Outfit 0008C83C
    OutfitGannonArcadesDoctor Arcade's Lab Coat 0010CDA4
    OutfitElderMcNamara Brotherhood Elder's Robe 000ACD5A
    GlassesThreeDog Sunglasses 000ACDA4
    HatNCR1stReconBeret 1st Recon Beret 000CCEBF
    OutfitTrooperFatigues NCR Trooper Fatigues 0010D2CD
    HatNCRBeret Beret 000CD270
    HelmetMayorMacCready MacCready's Helmet 0002D11B
    BountyHunterDuster Bounty Hunter Duster 0010D8DB
    ArmorCombatBlack Combat Armor 0010D8DC
    ArmorLeatherUnplayable Leather Armor 0002DC05
    HatPartyDestroyed Destroyed Party Hat 000CDF63
    OutfitLucasSimmsHat Sheriff's Hat 0002DD80
    OutfitGambler01 Fancy Gambler Suit 0010E1DD
    OutfitGambler02 Well-Heeled Gambler Suit 0010E1DE
    OutfitGambler03 Dapper Gambler Suit 0010E1DF
    OutfitGambler04 Shabby Gambler Suit 0010E1E0
    HatNVNCRRanger Ranger Hat 000CE26D
    ArmorNVCLExplorer Legion Explorer Armor 000EE47B
    ArmorNVCLRecruit Legion Recruit Armor 000EE47C
    ArmorNVCLPrime Legion Prime Armor 000EE47D
    ArmorNVCLVeteran Legion Veteran Armor 000EE47E
    ArmorNVCLVexillarius Legion Vexillarius Armor 000EE47F
    ArmorNVCLPraetorian Legion Praetorian Armor 000EE480
    ArmorNVCLCenturion Legion Centurion Armor 000EE481
    HelmetNVCLExplorer Explorer Hood 000EE482
    HelmetNVCLCenturion Centurion Helmet 000EE483
    HelmetNVCLVexillarius Vexillarius Helmet 000EE484
    HelmetNVCLRecruit Recruit Helmet 000EE485
    HelmetNVCLRecruitDecanus Recruit Decanus Helmet 000EE486
    HelmetNVCLPrime Prime Helmet 000EE487
    HelmetNVCLPrimeDecanus Prime Decanus Helmet 000EE488
    HelmetNVCLVeteran Veteran Helmet 000EE489
    HelmetNVCLVeteranDecanus Veteran Decanus Helmet 000EE48A
    ArmorNVSpaceSuit Space Suit 000CE552
    ArmorNVNCRRangerPatrol NCR Ranger Patrol Armor 000CE553
    ArmorPowerBrotherhoodOfSteelT51B Brotherhood T-51b Power Armor 000EE68D
    VMS49ExplosiveCollar Destroyed Collar 0014E834
    HelmetNVNCRTrooperGoggles Goggles Helmet 000EE68E
    HelmetNVNCRTrooper Trooper Helmet 000EE68F
    ArmorNVNCRTrooperFaceWrap NCR Face Wrap Armor 000EE690
    ArmorNVNCRTrooperBandoleer NCR Bandoleer Armor 000EE691
    ArmorNVNCRTrooper NCR Trooper Armor 000EE692
    ArmorNVNCRTrooperMantle NCR Mantle Armor 000EE693
    HelmetEyebot Eyebot Helmet 0004E6A0
    GamblerMHat01 Dapper Gambler Hat 0010EA7F
    GamblerFHat01 Stylish Gambler Hat 0010EA80
    GamblerFHat02 Fancy Gambler Hat 0010EA81
    HelmetNVSpaceSuit Space Suit Helmet 000CEE21
    OutfitRepublican01 Caravaneer Outfit 000EF1CB
    OutfitRepublican02 Field Hand Outfit 000EF1CC
    OutfitRepublican03 Settler Outfit 000EF1CD
    OutfitRepublican04 Prospector Outfit 000EF1CE
    ArmorTeslaPowerFX Tesla Armor 0008F571
    SlaveCollar Slave Collar 0002F563
    LLFFArmorRaider03Helmet Boogeyman's Hood 0008F775
    VaultSuit3 Vault 3 Jumpsuit 000EFB23
    OutfitKimballSuit President Kimball's Suit 0013002C
    VaultSuit19 Vault 19 Jumpsuit 001300AF
    VaultSuit24 Vault 24 Jumpsuit 001300B0
    ArmorRecon Recon Armor 0003064D
    OutfitProstitute01 Chained Prostitute Outfit 00110A71
    OutfitProstitute02 Exposed Prostitute Outfit 00110A72
    OutfitProstitute03 Prostitute Outfit 00110A73
    OutfitKings Kings Outfit 00110A74
    HatParty Party Hat 00050E44
    OutfitPrewarBusinesswearDirtyDARK Grimy Pre-War Businesswear 000B1056
    HelmetEyebotCaravanSpecial Crow's Eyebot Helmet 000B17A0
    OutfitMemphisKid Memphis Kid Outfit 00112DAF
    ArmorPowerRemnants Remnants Power Armor 00133166
    ArmorPowerRemnantsHelmet Remnants Power Helmet 00133167
    ArmorGannonTesla Gannon Family Tesla Armor 00133168
    ArmorGannonTeslaHelmet Gannon Family Tesla Helmet 00133169
    ArmorPowerNCRSalvaged NCR Salvaged Power Armor 0013316A
    ArmorPowerNCRHelmet Salvaged Power Helmet 0013316B
    ArmorRadiationSuit Radiation Suit 00033078
    ArmorRadiationSuitAdvanced Advanced Radiation Suit 0003307A
    ArmorRaider02 Raider Sadist Armor 0003307C
    ArmorRaider03 Raider Badlands Armor 0003307D
    ArmorRaider04 Raider Blastmaster Armor 0003307E
    ArmorMetal Metal Armor 0003307F
    ArmorMetalHelmet Metal Helmet 00033080
    ArmorFiendHelmetRare Motor-Runner's Helmet 000F3797
    OutfitJumpsuitRepconn Repconn Jumpsuit 00153A0E
    HelmetHockeyMask Hockey Mask 00033598
    ArmorRemnantsTesla Remnants Tesla Armor 00133F31
    OutfitJessupBandana Jessup's Bandana 0017409D
    ArmorRemnantsTeslaHelm Remnants Tesla Helmet 00134094
    OutfitWastelandHat05 Bandana 00073D57
    NVGenOliverCap General Oliver's Cap 00134490
    KIDHatPrewarCapKid Kid's Baseball Cap 000340C1
    KIDOutfitPrewarChild Pre-War Kid's Outfit 000340C3
    KIDOutfitPrewarChildOld Dirty Pre-War Kid's Outfit 000340C4
    HatPrewarHat Pre-War Hat 000340C8
    HatPrewarBonnet Pre-War Bonnet 000340CD
    OutfitPrewarCasualwearDirty Dirty Pre-War Casualwear 000340CF
    OutfitPrewarSpring Pre-War Spring Outfit 000340D0
    OutfitPrewarSpringDirty Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit 000340D1
    OutfitProjectPurityDoctor Lab Technician Outfit 000340D7
    OutfitRivetCityScientist Scientist Outfit 000340D9
    OutfitEnclaveOfficer01 Enclave Officer Uniform 000340DE
    KIDHatPoliceChild Kid's Police Hat 000340E1
    KIDOutfitLittleLamplighter01 Kid's Cave Rat Outfit 000340E4
    OutfitPrewarNegligee Sexy Sleepwear 000340E6
    KIDOutfitMayorMacCready Mayor MacCready's Outfit 000340E7
    VaultSuit87 Vault 87 Jumpsuit 000340ED
    VaultSuit112 Vault 112 Jumpsuit 000340EF
    KIDVaultSuitChild101 Vault 101 Child's Jumpsuit 000340F2
    KIDOutfitWastelandChild01 Ragamuffin Outfit 000340F8
    KIDOutfitWastelandChild02 Junior Officer Outfit 000340F9
    KIDOutfitWastelandChild03 Wasteland Scout Uniform 000340FA
    KIDOutfitWastelandChild04 Athlete of the Wastes Outfit 000340FB
    GlassesBlackrimmed Eyeglasses 000340FD
    OutfitWastelandDoctor01 Wasteland Doctor Fatigues 000340FE
    OutfitWastelandDoctor02 Wasteland Surgeon Outfit 000340FF
    MS18RangerHelmet Ranger Battle Helmet 00034105
    OutfitJumpsuitRobco RobCo Jumpsuit 0003411A
    OutfitJumpsuitRedRacer Red Racer Jumpsuit 0003411B
    OutfitMerc01 Merc Charmer Outfit 00034122
    OutfitMerc02 Merc Troublemaker Outfit 00034123
    OutfitMerc03 Merc Adventurer Outfit 00034124
    OutfitEulogyJones Eulogy Jones' Suit 00034125
    OutfitEulogyJonesHat Eulogy Jones' Hat 00034126
    HeadWrap01 Head Wrap 00074296
    HeadWrap04 Head Wrap 00074334
    HeadWrap03 Head Wrap 00074335
    HeadWrap02 Head Wrap 00074336
    KIDOutfitWastelandChild05Hat Blast Off Helmet 0007494C
    KIDOutfitWastelandChild01Hat Ragamuffin Tophat 00074950
    KIDOutfitWastelandChild03Hat Wasteland Scout Hat 00074952
    OutfitCass Cass' Outfit 001350EF
    ArmorPowerT45dHelmet T-45d Power Helmet 00014C08
    ArmorPowerT45d T-45d Power Armor 00014E13
    PipBoy Pip-Boy 3000 00015038
    ArmorPowerBrotherhoodOfSteelT45D Brotherhood T-45d Power Armor 00075201
    OutfitTrenchcoat Trenchcoat 0011689A
    OutfitFedoraHat Fedora 0011689B
    VMS18WhiteGloveMask White Glove Society Mask 001168A4
    VFSCalebMcCafferyHat Caleb McCaffery's Hat 00116E26
    OutfitTenpenny Tenpenny's Suit 00096CB7
    OutfitNVSlave1 Slave Rags 001370D6
    OutfitNVSlave2 Slave Rags 001370D7
    NVSlaveHat01 Slave Scarf 001370FD
    NVSlaveHat02 Slave Scarf 001370FE
    VaultSuit108 Vault 108 Jumpsuit 000B73F1
    VaultSuit106 Vault 106 Jumpsuit 000B73F2
    VaultSuit92 Vault 92 Jumpsuit 000B73F3
    OutfitVivaVegas Viva Las Vegas 001176E3
    HatPartyStanley Party HatStanley 000B75E2
    HVBrokenArmorPowerHelmet Broken Power Helmet 000D7779
    HVBrokenArmorRecon Broken Recon Armor 000D777A
    HVArmorPowerBroken Broken Power Armor 000D777B
    ArmorLeatherGladiator Gladiator Armor 00157CD2
    HatNCRBoonesBeret Boone's Beret 000B7F53
    OutfitFollowersDoctorUnique Followers Lab Coat 00158615
    MS14PowerArmorMorphine Prototype Medic Power Armor 0007836E
    KIDOutfitLittleLamplighter01Hat Kid's Murray the Mole Hat 00078643
    ArmorRaider02Helmet Raider Arclight Helmet 00078644
    ArmorRaider03Helmet Raider Wastehound Helmet 00078645
    OutfitEnclaveOfficer01Hat Enclave Officer Hat 00078647
    OutfitWastelandMerchantHat Roving Trader Hat 00078648
    ArmorVault34Security Vault 34 Security Armor 00138DC2
    ArmorVault34SecurityHelmet Vault 34 Security Helmet 00138DC3
    OutfitWasteland01 Brahmin-Skin Outfit 00018DE5
    VaultSuitUtilityDad Dad's Wasteland Outfit 00079F09
    ArmorNVpapakhanHelmet Papa Khan Helmet 0015A935
    NVPapaKhanArmor Papa Khan Armor 0015A937
    ArmorMask White Mask 0011A970
    NVLegionExplorerAuraToken Aura Token Kicker 0013B1A8
    KIDOutfitWastelandChild04Hat Kid's Ballcap with Glasses 0009B185
    OutfitWastelandHat01 Motorcycle Helmet 0009B186
    OutfitWastelandHat03 Biker Goggles 0009B188
    OutfitWastelandHat02 Stormchaser Hat 0009B189
    OutfitEnclaveScientist Enclave Scientist Outfit 0001B5BD
    ArmorRaider04Helmet Raider Blastmaster Helmet 0005B6E8
    KIDOutfitWastelandChild05 Blast Off Pajamas 0005B6EA
    PimpBoy Pimp-Boy 3 Billion 0011BACB
    PimpBoyNPC PimpBoy 3 Billion 0011BCF8
    OutfitWasteland02 Wasteland Wanderer Outfit 0001BA00
    OutfitPrewarCasualwear2 Pre-War Relaxedwear 0005BB63
    OutfitPrewarSpring2 Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit 0005BB66
    OutfitPrewarCasualwear2Dirty Dirty Pre-War Relaxedwear 0005BB6F
    OutfitPrewarSpring2Dirty Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit 0005BB70
    ArmorNVCaesar Caesar's Armor 0013BF53
    OutfitAmbassadorCrocker Ambassador Crocker's Suit 0011BEE2
    ChildBlastoffHelmet ChildBlastoffHelmet 0007C109
    MS03StealthHat Shady Hat 0007C17D
    GlassesReadingClr Tinted Reading Glasses 0001C295
    GlassesReading Reading Glasses 0001C296
    OutfitPrewarBusinesswearDirty Dirty Pre-War Businesswear 0005C682
    GlassesShades Sunglasses 0005C99F
    GlassesDoctorLi Doctor Li's Glasses 0005C9A0
    GlassesTortiseshell Tortiseshell Glasses 0005C9A1
    ArmorFiendHelmet02 Fiend Warrior Helmet 000FCEBB
    ArmorFiendHelmet03 Fiend Helmet 000FCEBC
    OutfitWasteland03 Wasteland Settler Outfit 0001CBDB
    VaultLabCoat Vault Lab Uniform 0001CBDC
    VaultSuit22 Vault 22 Jumpsuit 000FD175
    CG00BirthSkirt BirthSkirt 0007CFEF
    ArmorLightAudioTemplate ArmorLightAudioTemplate 0013D3B5
    ArmorHeavyAudioTemplate ArmorHeavyAudioTemplate 0013D3B6
    MS13Collar Slave Collar 0003D1FE
    OutfitNVJumpsuitRaulPetroChico Raul's Petro-Chico Jumpsuit 000FD561
    VaultSuit3Utility Vault 3 Utility Jumpsuit 000FD771
    GlassesReadingChild GlassesReadingChild 0005DC82
    HelmetNVLegate Legate Helmet 0013E25A
    OutfitGeneralOliver General Oliver's Uniform 0015E35D
    RegulatorDuster Regulator Duster 0003E54A
    OutfitRaulJumpsuitArmor Raul Jumpsuit Armor 0015EA6D
    MS03SurgicalMask Surgical Mask 0003E591
    ArmorPlasticAudioTemplate ArmorPlasticAudioTemplate 0013EB32
    ArmorMediumAudioTemplate ArmorMediumAudioTemplate 0013EB33
    ArmorNVNCRDeadTrooper01 NCR Trooper Armor 0013EC03
    ArmorNVNCRDeadTrooper02 NCR Trooper Armor 0013EC04
    ArmorNVNCRDeadTrooper03 NCR Trooper Armor 0013EC05
    ArmorNVNCRDeadTrooper04 NCR Trooper Armor 0013EC06
    ArmorNVNCRDeadTrooper05 NCR Trooper Armor 0013EC07
    ArmorCombatReinforcedMark2 Combat Armor, Reinforced Mark 2 0015EF66
    ArmorCombatHelmetReinforcedmark2 Combat Helmet, Reinforced Mark 2 0015EF67
    CassHat Cass's Hat 0015EF8B
    OutfitPrewarCasualwear Pre-War Casualwear 0001EA6D
    ArmorPowerAudioTemplate ArmorPowerAudioTemplate 0013F297
    DamWarPowerArmor DamWar power armor 0013F3A2
    DamWarEnclaveOfficer DamWar Enclave Officer 0013F3A3
    DamWarLegion DamWar Legion 0013F3A4
    DamWarCenturion DamWar Centurion 0013F3A5
    DamWarEnclaveScientist DamWar Enclave Scientist 0013F3A6
    DamWarRanger DamWar Ranger 0013F3A7
    DamWarCombatRanger DamWar Combat Ranger 0013F3A8
    DamWarGreatKhan DamWar Great Khan 0013F3A9
    DamWarTrooper DamWar Trooper 0013F3AA
    DamWarCombatRangerHelm DamWar Combat Ranger Helmet 0013F3AC
    DamWarLegionHelm DamWar Legion Helmet 0013F3AD
    DamWarFaceMask DamWar Face Mask 0013F3AE
    OutfitJumpsuitHooverDamCivilian Civilian Engineer Jumpsuit 0013F80E
    OutfitJumpsuitHooverDamNCR NCR Engineer Jumpsuit 0013F80F
    OutfitNCRRangerCivilian01 Ranger Red Scarf Outfit 0011F87B
    OutfitNCRRangerCivilian02 Ranger Vest Outfit 0011F87C
    OutfitNCRRangerCivilian03 Ranger Casual Outfit 0011F87D
    OutfitNCRRangerHat01 Ranger Brown Hat 0011F87E
    OutfitNCRRangerHat02 Ranger Grey Hat 0011F87F
    OutfitNCRRangerHat03 Ranger Tan Hat 0011F880
    GlassesNCRRangerCivilian Authority Glasses 0011F881
    OutfitJumpsuitTLHandyman Handyman Jumpsuit 000BF6FD
    ChineseStealthArmor Chinese Stealth Armor 0015FD5C
    ChineseStealthHelmet Chinese Stealth Helmet 0015FD5D
    Prototype Medical Power Armor 0007836E


    Fat Man Launcher 0000432C
    WeapNVAntiMaterielRifleStatic 001720BC
    WeapNVLightMachineGunStatic 001720BB
    WeapNVTrailCarbineStatic 001720BA
    WeapNVHuntingShotgunStatic 001720B9
    WeapNVMacheteBoone 00176E59
    WeapNV44RevolverRaul 00176E57
    WeapNVCaravanShotgunCass 00176E55
    WeapNVPlasmaDefenderArcade 00174094
    WeapNVAssaultCarbineLily 00174093
    WeapNVSlaveBackPack 00171B48
    WeapNVMacheteGladiator 00167685
    WeapNVKnifeCombatUnique 00162C92
    WeapNVMinigunUnique 001629B6
    WeapNVMissileLauncherUnique 00162019
    WeapNVThrowingKnife 00161246
    WeapNVGrenadeMachinegunUnique 0015FFF4
    WeapNVBBGunUnique 0015FF5D
    WeapNVChainsaw 0015FE44
    WeapNVZapGlove 0015BA78
    WeapNVZapGloveUnique 0015BA72
    WeapNVBallisticFist 0015BA03
    WeapNVGaussRifleUnique 0015B38D
    WeapNVTeslaCannonUnique 0015A47F
    WeapNVGaussRifle 0015837B
    WeapNVLeadPipeUnique 00157BCA
    WeapNVFireaxeUnique 00156F7C
    WeapSuperSledgeUnique 00156968
    WeapNVSpikedKnucklesUnique 001568E6
    WeapNVDisplacerGloveUnique 00155E6D
    WeapNVDisplacerGlove 00155E66
    WeapNVMacheteGladius 0015430B
    WeapNVMantisGauntlet 001524B3
    WeapBladedGauntletUnique 00151D0C
    WeapBladedGauntlet 001519E0
    WeapNVFireGeckoYoungFlame 0014F474
    WeapNVEuclidsCFinder 0014EB3C
    WeapNVGrenadeFragHoly 0014EA5A
    WeapNVThrowingHatchet 0014DE1D
    WeapNVGrenadeStun 0014DDDF
    WeapNVGrenadeIncendiary 0014DDDE
    WeapNVThrowingSpear 0014D2AC
    WeapNVCleaverUnique 0014D2AA
    WeapNVStraightRazorUnique 0014D2A7
    WeapNVDetonatorLoyal 0014C068
    WeapLaserRifleUnique 001479B3
    WeapNVDogTagFist 00146C79
    WeapNVDebugMegaPistol 001465A6
    WeapNVLegateSword2 00143FBA
    WeapNVGrenadeRifleUnique 001429E2
    WeapNVSniperRifleUnique 001429E1
    WeapNV127mmSubmachineGun 001429D1
    WeapKnifeAssassin 0013F76F
    WeapSuperSledgeMeanie 0013E540
    WeapNVLegateSword 0013E4DE
    WeapNVTimeBomb 0013D534
    WeapNVMissFortuneGun 0013568B
    WeapCattleProd 0013316D
    WeapNVThatGun 00133058
    WeapNVDetonator 00130041
    WeapNVBoxingTape 0012D852
    WeapNVDogTagFistUnique 0012ADB8
    WeapNVRangerSequoia 00129A44
    WeapNVMacheteDeadSea 00127E45
    WeapNV44RevolverUnique 00127C6C
    WeapGrenadeGas 0012701F
    VFSWeapLaserRifleVanGraff 001251CD
    VFSWeapPlasmaRifleVanGraff 001251CC
    WeapNVC4PlasticExplosive 001221C1
    WeapNVMultiPlasRifle 00121168
    WeapNVRechargerRifle 00121154
    WeapNVBrushGun 00121148
    WeapShovel 0011E46F
    WeapNVHatchet 0011A8E4
    WeapNVFireaxe 0011A8B9
    WeapNVDressCane 0011A8A0
    WeapNVFireGeckoFlame 00113248
    WeapNVSecuritronMissile 0010BA90
    WeapNVSecuritronPowerFist 0010A70C
    WeapNVSecuritronLaser 0010A70B
    WeapNVSecuritronLauncher 0010A70A
    WeapNVSecuritronSubmachineGun 0010A709
    WeapNVLongFuseDynamite 00109A0C
    WeapNVMinePowderCharge 00109A0B
    WeapNVCleaver 00109A0A
    WeapNVMarksmanCarbineUnique 00106FEB
    WeapNVMarksmanCarbine 00106FEA
    WeapNVLilyGauntlet 00105CF6
    WeapNVLilySword 00105CF5
    WeapNVGrenadeRifleBroken 001056D3
    WeapMissileLauncherBroken 001056D2
    WeapNVLaserPistolUnique 00103B1D
    WeapNVDynamiteNoDrop 0010108D
    WeapNVGrenadeRifle 000FF576
    WeapNV9iron 000FC335
    WeapLaserRifleAlwaysCrits 000F82AA
    WeapPlasmaRifleAlwaysCrit 000F7EAE
    WeapNVDriverUnique 000F56F6
    WeapNVCowboyRepeaterUnique 000F56F5
    WeapNVStraightRazor 000F0F04
    WeapNVHuntingShotgunUnique 000F0B12
    WeapNVBattleRifleUnique 000F062B
    WeapNVServiceRifle 000E9C3B
    WeapNV9mmPistolUnique 000E7655
    WeapNVBinoculars 000E6346
    WeapNVPlasmaRifleUnique 000E6064
    WeapNVVarmintRifleUnique 000E5B17
    WeapNVBoxingGoldenGloves 000E58BB
    WeapNVBoxingGloves 000E5391
    WeapNVSingleShotgun 000E393B
    WeapNVSilenced22Pistol 000E377A
    WeapNV9mmPistol 000E3778
    WeapNVDynamite 000BA0F3
    WeapNV9mmSubmachineGunUnique 000E32F4
    WeapNV357RevolverUnique 000E2C86
    WeapHeavyIncinerator 000E2BFC
    WeapNVTriBeamLaserRifle 000E2BF4
    WeapNVMachete 000CE569
    WeapBooneSniperRifle 000CE549
    WeapNVCaravanShotgun 000CD53A
    WeapNVTrailCarbine 000CD539
    WeapNVRebarClub 000CD50E
    WeapNVBumperSword 000CD50D
    WeapNVPulseGun 00090A6B
    WeapNVGrenadeMachinegun 00090A6A
    WeapNVLaserRCW 0009073B
    WeapNVPlasmaDefender 00090727
    WeapNVRechargerPistol 0009071F
    WeapNVLightMachineGun 000906DF
    WeapNVIncinerator 000906DA
    WeapNVPlasmaCaster 000906CF
    WeapNVAssaultCarbine 0008F21E
    WeapNVAntiMaterielRifle 0008F21C
    WeapNVCowboyRepeater 0008F21A
    WeapNVSilenced22SMG 0008F218
    WeapNV9mmSubmachineGun 0008F217
    WeapNV357Revolver 0008F216
    WeapNV44Revolver 0008F215
    WeapNVHuntingRevolver 0008F214
    WeapNV127mmPistol 0008F213
    WeapNVLeverActionShotgun 0008ED0C
    WeapNVHuntingShotgun 0008ED0B
    WeapNVRiotShotgun 0008ED0A
    WeapNVGrenadeLauncher 0007EA25
    WeapNVVarmintRifle 0007EA24


    Fat Man (Mini Nuke) ammo 00020799
    Ammo9mmRobot 00176E5C
    AmmoCompanion 00176E54
    AmmoNVArchimedesII 0016AEF9
    AmmoFlamerFuelHomemade 00166F62
    AmmoSmallEnergyCellTurret 00166B5A
    Ammo20GaMagnum 00165E7A
    Ammo12GaMagnum 00165E79
    Ammo5mmHollowPoint 001613FF
    Ammo127mmHollowPoint 001613D4
    Ammo223 00160C41
    Ammo9mmP 00160C40
    AmmoPureWater 0015FD42
    Ammo38Special 0015E8EE
    Ammo44Special 0015E8ED
    AmmoSmallEnergyCellBulk 00158313
    AmmoMicroFusionCellBulk 00158312
    AmmoElectronChargePackBulk 00158311
    AmmoElectronChargePackMaxCharge 0015830E
    AmmoElectronChargePackOverCharge 0015830D
    AmmoMicroFusionCellMaxCharge 0015830C
    AmmoMicroFusionCellOverCharge 0015830B
    Ammo40mmGrenadeIncendiary 00158307
    AmmoSmallEnergyCellMaxCharge 001582E0
    AmmoSmallEnergyCellOverCharge 001582DF
    Ammo12GaCoinShot 001582DA
    AmmoLakelurk 0014F44A
    Ammo127mm 001429CF
    Ammo10mmJHPHandLoad 00140AA8
    Ammo50MGHandLoad 00140AA1
    Ammo308JSPHandLoad 00140AA0
    Ammo556mmArmorPiercing 00140A9F
    Ammo357MagnumJFPHandLoad 00140A9E
    AmmoMissileHighVelocity 0013E44C
    AmmoMissileHighExplosive 0013E44B
    Ammo25mmGrenadeHighExplosive 0013E449
    Ammo20GaSlug 0013E448
    Ammo12GaSlug 0013E447
    Ammo12GaBeanBag 0013E446
    Ammo50MGArmorPiercing 0013E445
    Ammo50MGIncendiary 0013E444
    Ammo308HollowPoint 0013E443
    Ammo308ArmorPiercing 0013E442
    Ammo556mmHollowPoint 0013E441
    Ammo556mmSurplus 0013E440
    Ammo5mmArmorPiercing 0013E43F
    Ammo4570SWCHandLoad 0013E43E
    Ammo4570HollowPoint 0013E43D
    Ammo357MagnumHollowPoint 0013E43C
    Ammo10mmHollowPoint 0013E43B
    Ammo9mmHollowPoint 0013E43A
    Ammo22LRHollowPoint 0013E439
    Ammo44MagnumSWCHandLoad 0013E438
    Ammo44MagnumHollowPoint 0013E437
    Ammo22LRPlinking 00121162
    AmmoMicroBreeder 00121155
    Ammo5mmSurplus 00121150
    Ammo4570 00121133
    AmmoMS22Camera 0011A207
    AmmoNellisArtillery 001003B0
    Ammo20Ga 000E86F2
    Ammo25mmGrenade 00096C40
    Ammo9mm 0008ED03
    Ammo357Magnum 0008ED02
    Ammo50MG 0008ECFF
    Ammo12Ga 0008ECF5
    Ammo22LR 0007EA27
    Ammo40mmGrenade 0007EA26
    AmmoElectronChargePackRobot 000615AF
    Ammo5mmRobot 000615A8
    AmmoMirelurkKing 00056634
    AmmoAntSpit 000B8791
    AmmoElectronChargePack 0006B53E
    Ammo5mm 0006B53D
    Ammo308 0006B53C
    AmmoMissileRobot 00078CC5
    Ammo556mmRobot 00078CC4
    AmmoMicroFusionCellRobot 00078CC3
    AmmoSmallEnergyCellRobot 00078CC2
    AmmoFlamerFuelRobot 00078CC1
    AmmoMesmetronPowerCell 0006A80D
    AmmoCentaurSpit 0005F706
    AmmoBloatflyDart 00047419
    AmmoMissile 00029383
    Ammo44magnum 0002937E
    AmmoFlamerFuel 00029371
    AmmoAlienPowerCell 00029364
    AmmoBB 0002935B
    AmmoFatMans 00020799
    AmmoSmallEnergyCell 00020772
    AmmoMicroFusionCell 00004485
    Ammo10mm 00004241
    Ammo556mm 00004240


    ModNV127mmSubmachinegunSilencer 001476B0
    ModNV127mmPistolSilencer 00147620
    ModNV10mmPistolSilencer 00129878
    ModNVSilenced22SMGDrums 0010C86F
    ModNVMissileLauncherGuidanceSys 0010C86E
    ModNVGatlingLaserCFFrame 0010C86D
    ModNVGatlingLaserFocusOptics 0010C86C
    ModNVPlasmaRifleMagneticAccelerator 0010C86B
    ModNVLaserRifleBeamSplitter 0010C86A
    ModNVLaserRifleFocusOptics 0010C869
    ModNVLaserRifleScope 0010C868
    ModNVMinigunHighSpeedMotor 0010C867
    ModNVMinigunDampedSubframe 0010C866
    ModNVSniperRifleCarbonFiberParts 0010C865
    ModNVSniperRifleSuppressor 0010C864
    ModNVAssaultCarbineExtMags 0010C863
    ModNVHuntingRifleExtMag 0010C862
    ModNVHuntingRifleCustomAction 0010C861
    ModNVHuntingRifleScope 0010C860
    ModNVFlamerExpandedTanks 0010C85F
    ModNV10mmSMGRecoilCompensator 0010C85E
    ModNV10mmSMGExtMags 0010C85D
    ModNV44RevolverHeavyFrame 0010C85C
    ModNV44RevolverScope 0010C85B
    ModNV10mmPistolLaserSight 0010C859
    ModNV10mmPistolExtMags 0010C858
    ModNVGrenadeMachinegunHSKit 0010C857
    ModNVGrenadeRifleLongBarrel 0010C856
    ModNVPlasmaCasterHSElectrode 0010C855
    ModNVLaserRCWRecycler 0010C854
    ModNVLightMGExpandedDrums 0010C852
    ModNVServiceRifleForgedReceiver 0010C851
    ModNVServiceRifleUpgradedSprings 0010C850
    ModNVFatManLittleBoyKit 0010C1AD
    ModNV9mmSMGLightBolt 0010B968
    ModNV9mmSMGDrums 000F18FC
    ModNVHuntingShotgunChoke 000F0FE9
    ModNVHuntingShotgunLongTube 000F0FE8
    ModNVVarmintRifleNightScope 000EEEDB
    ModNV357RevolverLongBarrel 000EEEDA
    ModNV357RevolverHDCylinder 000EEED9
    ModNVVarmintRifleExtMags 000EEED8
    ModNVVarmintRifleSilencer 000EEED7
    ModNV9mmPistolExtMags 000EED3D
    ModNV9mmPistolScope 000EED3C
    ModNVCowboyRepeaterMapleStock 000EED3B
    ModNVCowboyRepeaterLongTube 000EED3A
    ModNVCowboyRepeaterCustomAction 000EED39
    ModNVBrushGunForgedReceiver 000EEA72
    ModNVTrailCarbineScope 000EEA70


    SplashDamage 00165AF0
    PlasmaSpaz 00165AEF
    TheProfessional 00165AEC
    NukaChemist 00165AE6
    HandLoader 0016581B
    VigilantRecycler 00165816
    JuryRigging 00165815
    ShotgunSurgeon 0016578B
    LaserCommander 00165789
    RadChild 001656FD
    Stonewall 00165449
    UnstoppableForce 00165447
    Slayer 00165446
    HitTheDeck 001651B6
    CenterOfMass 00165182
    SprayAndPray 00165181
    FerociousLoyalty 00165180
    FriendOfTheNight 00165118
    LooseCannon 00164ED1
    PiercingStrike 0014609F
    SuperSlam 0014609E
    RunNGun 0014609D
    HeaveHo 0014609C
    PackRat 0014609B
    Meltdown 0014609A
    LivingAnatomy 00146099
    LongHaul 00146098
    WeaponHandling 00146097
    TravelLight 00146096
    Cowboy 00138562
    BuiltToDestroy 00137B02
    GoodNatured 00137AFE
    MissFortunePerk 00137800
    QuickDraw 001377FE
    RapidReload 001377FD
    DeathclawOmelet 00136E14
    ConfirmedBachelor 001361B4
    CherchezLaFemme 001361B3
    Purifier 00135F75
    Hunter 00135F18
    Kamikaze 00135F05
    GhastlyScavenger 00135EC9
    TriggerDiscipline 00135EC8
    FastShot 00135EC7
    SmallFrame 00135EC6
    HeavyHanded 00135EC5
    FourEyes 00135EC4
    MathWrath 00135EC3
    Retention 0010F09E
    GrimReaperSprint 00099834
    Chemist 0009982D
    Commando 00099828
    ChemResistant 00099827
    AdamantiumSkeleton 00094EC4
    Finesse 00094EC1
    FastMetabolism 00094EBF
    NightPerson 00094EBD
    Cannibal 00094EBC
    Gunslinger 00094EBB
    BloodyMess 00094EBA
    LadyKiller 00094EB9
    BlackWidow 00094EB8
    ActionGirl 0007B202
    IntenseTraining 00044CB1
    Infiltrator 00044CB0
    ConcentratedFire 00044CAF
    ParalyzingPalm 00044CAA
    LeadBelly 00044CA9
    NerdRage 00044CA7
    Explorer 00031DE5
    FortuneFinder 00031DE3
    Comprehension 00031DE1
    Toughness 00031DE0
    StrongBack 00031DDE
    Entomologist 00031DD9
    Educated 00031DD8
    SwiftLearner 00031DD3
    Ninja 00031DCC
    SolarPowered 00031DC5
    ComputerWhiz 00031DC4
    RoboticsExpert 00031DC2
    Tag 00031DBD
    MysteriousStranger 00031DBC
    BetterCriticals 00031DBB
    ActionBoy 00031DBA
    LightStep 00031DB7
    AnimalFriend 00031DB5
    Sniper 00031DB4
    SilentRunning 00031DB3
    Pyromaniac 00031DB2
    LifeGiver 00031DB1
    MisterSandman 00031DAD
    HereandNow 00031DAC
    DemolitionExpert 00031DAB
    Scrounger 00031DAA
    RadResistance 00031DA9


    PowerArmorTraining 00058FDF
    ArmorPowerT51bHelmet 000A6F78
    ArmorPowerT51b 000A6F77
    ArmorPowerT45d 00014E13
    ArmorPowerT45dHelmet 00014C08
    TeslaPowerArmorHelmet 0006B463
    TeslaPowerArmorGO 0006B462
    OutcastPowerArmor 00060C6F
    ArmorVault34SecurityHelmet 00138DC3
    ArmorVault34Security 00138DC2
    ArmorRemnantsTeslaHelm 00134094
    ArmorRemnantsTesla 00133F31
    ArmorPowerNCRHelmet 0013316B
    ArmorPowerNCRSalvaged 0013316A
    ArmorGannonTeslaHelmet 00133169
    ArmorGannonTesla 00133168
    ArmorPowerRemnantsHelmet 00133167
    ArmorPowerRemnants 00133166
    ArmorNVNCRRangerCombat 00129254
    ArmorCombatReinforced 00126500
    ArmorMetalReinforced 001264FF
    ArmorLeatherReinforced 001264FE
    ArmorCombatBlack 0010D8DC
    ArmorFiendHelmetRare 000F3797
    SnowglobeTheStrip 0015DB3D
    SnowglobeNellis 0015DB3C
    SnowglobeTestSite 0015DB3B
    SnowglobeGoodsprings 0015DB3A
    SnowglobeHooverDam 0015DB39
    SnowglobeMtCharleston 0015DB38
    SnowglobeFortmormon 0015DB37
    Alien Blaster Form 00004322
    Alien Power Cell 00029364

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