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Chinese 'mistress' is stripped naked and beaten senseless

A Chinese woman named Lin Yao Li (38) who slept with another woman's husband got stripped naked and beaten senseless by four other women. Apparently this is not the first or the last time for this to occur because there seems to be an acceptance that the woman is deserving to receive this kind of punishment and humiliation. Since she has caused a man to cheat on his spouse or partner.

Now while i certainly can understand the emotion and the anger that is caused by a partner cheating. It does not make it acceptable that someone gets humiliated or beaten up like this. What kind of justice is this? Shouldn't the husband who actually cheated on the partner be held accountable? Sure the woman has a little part to play but this is simply despicable and barbaric. Maybe even worse than cheating.  Because I can think of a scenario where this man might not even have told this woman he was married letting her believe it was all fine. This woman could be completely innocent and a victim herself. And even if she did know it still is not something you do. There are other ways you can and have to deal with these matters. Like separation or divorce. Or a having a good conversation. And why would these woman target her and not the husband, not that beating him up would be correct either? But he is the one who committed adultery. Obviously he is the one with the problem. Beating up this woman is not going to change his ways. He will just go to another woman. Taking the law in your own hands while very understandable is not right and should not be allowed.

Which brings me to another element. When this beating occurred was there no one in the surroundings who could have interfered or stopped this. The guy or woman who filmed this event, could he or she not have said something to these woman. As far as I can tell from the video and the images there was no one who seemed to go against them. And that is quite frightening. Because how does an outsider now what this is about? Wasn't there anybody feeling at all this was wrong? We as people seem to forget that we need to rely on each other. Of course we live in a world where personal needs are given more importance to that of the many but it is still vital that we have to take care of each other otherwise humanity has no chance of surviving. One day it will be you who needs help. What will you do? Just walk by and let something bad happen? Or will you take action and interfere. Inaction is the greatest evil. A quote from the show The Strain that refers to the events in World War 2 and to something like this beating where no one even attempts do something. What point is there in living in a world where one focuses on hate instead of compassion? 

Please think about this. 


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