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Youtube Marriage proposals suck!

There I said it. Before you go all hating on me read what I have to say about this. I am not a cynical bastard that does not know romance when it would hit him. I am in fact a very romantic person. Most of what I do is follow my heart and my feelings no matter what the mind or other people say. So bare with me.

Traditional and intimate marriage proposal

First of all I love the Internet. This majestic never ending source of information and entertainment is something truly magic and wonderful. But at the same time it has also brought us some really questionable trends that if you think about are quite sickening and destructive. Marriage proposals on Youtube for example is such a trend. The first few times I saw it I must admit I was surprised and amazed how far some people would go to ask their partners to marry them. And yes it can be very beautiful to see all this joy and happiness. But then I see more of them popping up on Youtube. The one more epic and grander than the previous one. And the majority especially women are going wild for this. They want to be proposed in this fashion also. If husband to be does not comply then they will conclude that he probably does not love her enough and the marriage is already over before it started. I mean just think about it from a practical side for a minute. Someone now has to pay not only for the marriage and everything that comes with it. Now he or she also has to have a big budget to do a proposal. In this day and age where a lot of people don't have the security and the money how are they going to pay it all? And let us assume they do have the money, does such a proposal guarantee a marriage to work? Of course not! In fact if a marriage would fail chances are the person who paid for everything might feel robbed on top of feeling hurt or damaged. 

But let us look at two examples of  such marriage proposals:

Chances are that a lot of you went all soft and emotional and are wishing that one day you will meet a man or woman who does the same for you. And I won't deny. These proposals do seem very romantic.

But now look at this compilation of failed proposals:

Ouch. Ok, I think the first and second in this compilation are fake. But honestly that reaction does point out a problem that a lot of you aren't considering. Let me address the following. 

Why is an act that should be personal and intimate made public and now even filmed and put on Youtube? What is this need to share this with the world? Sure it is nice to have a remembrance of this and great to show your kids or grandkids or anyone who has an interest. Provided you are still married after and it won't be painful. But ok if the people involved don't mind this that is their decision. 

Then there is the ego. This must be a way to show the world how awesome someone is for doing all of this. I thought most people would see through this. But to my astonishment most people don't. They now all want this charade and facade since they truly believe it is all real and sincere. 

What about peer pressure though? Putting someone on the spot they might give you an answer since a lot of eyes are directed at you and one might not give you the answer they want to give because of that. In my eyes this is rather conniving and evil. I think some people who make it big and go public do it exactly for this reason. Hoping this way to force a response because for whatever reason the partner hasn't so far. And what if the partner says no. You can see in the video that is heartbreaking and Earth shattering. How is one going to recover from that. Not that I have a lot of sympathy for people who do this. Because how can you be surprised by how your partner will react? You should know before hand what your partner wants and feels about these things. If someone is very private and shy then don't go public. If someone has expressed not wanting to marry for whatever reason then that is something you should respect and accept. I am thinking all these romantic novels and movies have warped people's reality sense in such a way that they think they can actually force people into basically going against their personal wishes. 

I know a lot of you still are going to say I look at this far too negatively or seriously. No, I am not. I am being critical. I also feel the need to express my love whenever I can. But I do think that some acts and events should be kept private and intimate. You simply can't have an intimate moment in public. Just because you now have the option to film intimate moments and publish them means that you should. I mean just look on Youtube how some of marriage proposals aren't that different from each other. Here you were thinking that you were being unique and poof that dream has vaporized because another person beat you to it. People, try to keep it as close to who you are. If that means you need to be extravagant then go for it. But I think for most goes that you should keep it real and personal. Let it all come from the heart then no matter what you do it will be felt and appreciated.

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