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Review Pilot Gotham (2014)

genre: crime, comic book adaptation

Gotham starts out pretty good for obvious reasons. But then soon after it's a mess. Basically it's a crime drama like any other. Only thing that might be considered nice is how some Easter eggs and references are thrown in. Thing about these is that they aren't left to your imagination. You are not teased with it. Like hang on, could that be Cat Woman? Wait a minute could that be The Riddler? That would be so awesome. Instead you are downright being told, yep it is. Happy now? Let us move on to this generic tale of Gordon against his fight against crime and corruption. It does not even capture the complexities like in The Chicago Code, The Bridge (2010-) and Person of Interest. The first two shows did not get beyond a first season. And I am telling you those shows were epic. Person of Interest shows how you can have a Batman type like show without naming your character Batman. Commissioner Gordon never has been really that interesting to me. He only was because he was the one man who did not see Batman him as a threat but as an ally. And now they are giving him more importance because of his dealings with Bruce Wayne very early on.  I am pretty sure that is not how they meet in the comics. But I am willing to go with this angle because we would get to see how a young Bruce Wayne evolves into Batman. Only come on writers, to have this many future villains already thrown in the mix so early. Mythology wise that does not even make sense. It could though if they focus on the characters and how they evolve from who they are into the people we know. Although for a lot of them they are already shown like younger versions of their future selves. The writing needs to be improved considerable otherwise this show will be doomed. Make a believer out of me Fox. Do better!

Edit 18-11-2014:
And they have done exactly this. They have improved upon the show considerably. Hooooooray for Fox. Continue the good work.

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