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Review The November Man (2014)

genre: action, thriller, spy

All this time I was under the impression Pierce Brosnan did not want to be James Bond any more. But did a little reading (just briefly) and it seems that he got fired as they wanted a younger Bond. I never understood why Brosnan would keep playing secret agents after Bond if he stopped out of free will. But now it makes sense. So it is nice to see him do films like The Matador , The Tailor of Panama and this one. He does pull it off. He has that charisma and clearly loves playing these roles. And he is the one that makes this film worth it as much as possible because everything else is below par or average at best. In one scene it looked like it was going to be spectacular then suddenly the fast pace and tightness got replaced by pretension and old school spy nonsense. Of course it is nice to have a decent plot. But then it does have to be the least bit compelling. And it simply is not. How about the action then? Well, it was not bad, even decent in some places but was it super exciting and awesome like for example in Brosnan's adventures as Bond? Hell, no! To be fair that is quite hard to achieve and I wasn't expecting gadgetry or wild stunts. It felt like they wanted to set up some grand shootouts but realized it was too hard to do and left it as it was. It's over before you know it. And with so much focus on a dull plot it's hard to sit through it. Olga Kurylenko also no stranger to these kinds of movies does add something only she is not given that much time to do so. In that aspect she handles herself very well. In the trailer Luke Bracey was set up against Pierce Brosnan. Pupil versus Master. Maybe that is a theme that is done too much but the way it was presented it looked to be much more interesting than how it really turned out. It's just one predictable sub plot to fill up the running time. So much more could have been done with this title and they dropped the ball. This is one of those action thrillers you watch late at night or on rainy Sunday afternoons.  

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