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Review The Giver (2014)

genre: science fiction, drama

The Giver might not present a new concept. But it is a movie that should be made for every new generation that comes into existence. This movie might not be high on style, action or flash but it does convey the deeper thought even if it is presented in a very simplistic way. The Giver gives us a little taste of a totalitarian society that is closer than we think. People are basically being told how they should live every turn they make. I won't go in detail how or why because that might ruin the journey or the experience. But it is a message that is beautiful and very important to be aware off. Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep bring exactly what is needed to convince the audience of what Jonas (our main character) should do. They also show why a totalitarian society like theirs seem preferable. Which was a very nice touch since it does help you understand why the majority go along with it. One of the reasons why people are so willing to give in to give up on their rights and more. The film has a very nice pace but at times may feel a little slow because it is less eventful although it is one very high on concept. But it does show enough to understand of what is going on. A film that has to be seen by all the generations even if it is only because of the idea and theme. Go watch it!

Additional note:
The Giver might not impress all the way or perhaps even lack depth and drama to make a lot of impact. It is one that conveys an important message about freedom Which should always be absolute. Only more and more this freedom is being restricted and piece by piece taken away from us. Very important to realize is that they can't take away this freedom if we oppose and fight back. Or at least be critical and not go along with it. 

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