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Review Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (2014)

genre: comic book, crime, action, film noir

How the mighty have fallen! Robert Rodriguez one of the most versatile and creative directors there is seems to have lost his ability to make good movies. Not that his latest movies have been that bad but none of them were of the caliber we are used to. The original Sin City was a visually impressive and incredibly stylish film that actually had some substance to back it all up. When the sequel was announced I already suspected it was going to be very hard for him to top the original but I was certain that if anyone could do it, it would be Rodriguez. But after having seen Sin City: A Dame To Kill For I am flabbergasted. It actually took me two days to recover from the disappointment to write this review. Is it really that bad? Well, if you have not seen the first then the visuals and the style might impress although somehow they feel less inventive and creative or surprising. Story wise, action wise and thrilling wise it's average. With a few moments and some characters that stand out. Mickey Rourke as Marv still is a compelling character even if he is like a watered down version of himself in the original. Eva Green again manages to bring what is needed and never seizes to amaze me. As for the rest I am dumbfounded. So many big names and apart from the ones I just mentioned none of them impress in the slightest. And it's not their fault. This is all because of sub par writing and even worse direction. In the first Sin City, story lines crossed over into each other that made sense. If something was left out in one story you would get to see it in another. Here they aren't even trying. It's basically very linear and when one story line has played out it rarely has any consequence for the next. The whole Joseph Gordon-Levitt story was pointless and just filler. The fact that other actors were playing Dwight and Miho was a little confusing. Well, Miho much less but Dwight who is an essential character should have been introduced properly again. Only in case of Manute it was understandable since he was played by late Micheal Clarke Duncan that this role would be played by someone else.  In the original the violence and action also was one of it's biggest appeals. And in this sequel there is enough to be enjoyed also. Only it never felt as exciting as in the previous film. There seemed to be a real lack of choreography and even the CGI effects failed to enhance this. A Dame To Kill For simply is one huge disappointment from start to finish. Every time you thought it was going to get better something would ruin the flow or vibe to give you that feeling and experience. A real shame but I can't recommend this title at all. You are better off re watching the original.

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