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Review Running Man aka Reonningmaen (2013)

genre: thriller, action, drama

South Korea excels when it comes to the action / thriller genre. They always manage to add that one component that makes it undeniably South Korean. Whether it is the comedy or the drama that takes point, it's something of real importance. And something that the rest of the world won't always be able to accept or appreciate. Having watched my fair share, I simply love how they combine genres and get to you because of the melodrama. Now it is something you have to be in the mood for otherwise those movies will be no fun at all. The same goes for Running Man. The thriller storyline is not as half as important as the relationship between our main character and the son. While their relationship helps to add tension it does lack a bit in depth and at times is even a bit shallow. And this is mostly because of comic relief. At times I wish they did not. Because what might seem funny to the film makers to me it seemed a little far fetched. Since I do wonder if any parent would tolerate the behaviour of the son. Sure he got his reasons, still does not make it ok. Of course plot wise it is understandable they went about it this way. However it does feel a little forced how they resolved it. Now this is nitpicking mine side. Because everything else is in order. Fast pace, full of thrills, action and comedy. Here and there a few slow downs. Still not enough to get in the way of your enjoyment. If you like these type of movies I can recommend this one but don't expect too much because it's not spectacularly different as the other ones in this genre.

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