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Review Draft Day (2014)

genre: sports

The only reason I had no doubts about watching Draft Day was because of Kevin Costner. He always delivers especially in those sports movies. This is probably the first where I scratched my head a few times. Honestly I don't know what I just watched. It was described that this film was suited for all people even the ones who don't know much about American Football and the politics surrounding it. Well, it's not suited for everyone. It does require some knowledge and interest. But even then I can tell that what occurs on screen lacks depth. All the time I was wondering where is this leading to? What is so damn special about this day in particular. To me it all felt so unimportant and uninteresting. There are little subplots that could have given us some clarity of what GM's have to deal with and why they are so exceptional. Or at least give us a human perspective instead of that business talk. But could they at least tried to put more into it. I mean Jennifer Garner as Kevin Costner's love interest? Somehow I found that incredibly unbelievable. For me Draft Day has nothing to offer that I think is worth watching. I am not saying that it is a bad movie because perhaps the movie is better enjoyable if you love American Football. Still most of the sports movies I have seen always made me care for other things that went beyond the sport and which were recognizable no matter if you were familiar with the sports or not. Here that simply is not the case. Thus making this an average film. Not my cup of tea.

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