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Review Love Punch (2013)

genre: comedy, romance

Now this is how comedies should be. Light, unpretentious and funny. Love Punch is a completely charming and delightful film that does not need to resort to crudeness or vulgarity. It touches upon serious matters like marriage and divorce in a very sincere way but it is never heavy. And to me this was refreshing. It is nice to be able to see a film where you know where it's heading but still find yourself enjoying it from start to end. Most of it is because of the chemistry of Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson. They don't exaggerate and it is the little nuances of how they connect that make it recognizable. The film also references to the age of our main characters. And while I can't relate to it entirely it did remind me of my own parents and their old age related problems and made me laugh quite a few times. Now a lot of events may seem come off as improbable or unrealistic. And for me personally that is not a problem. These events just serve as a plot device to keep it going. Besides this film is light all the way and being too realistic and serious would not suit at all.  Don't believe the nay sayers. It never claims to be more than it is which is very refreshing these days. An excellent comedy!

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