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Review Mindscape aka Anna (2013)

genre: thriller,drama

Mindscape had a very intriguing start and had me going for a while. It had a premise where you could do a lot with. Sadly this never happens. In fact very little happens. At one point everything feels like one giant waste of time. I kept watching till the end to see if there was a redeeming twist to make it all worth my time. And it never did. Then there is the accents. Very obviously we are dealing with Irish and British actors. Why on Earth are they speaking with American accents?  I get it this is situated in America and would be strange for them to speak British English. But from what i could judge, it does not really matter where all of this movie takes place. It does not make sense to the plot at all. So the accents were very distracting. If you managed to get past it. Then there is the mystery element. Always good to have something like this in a film especially when it effectively builds up tension. However there is no pay off to it. At the end you really wonder what you might have missed. And no it is not because I am not clever enough. The director fails to grab you and convince you why it is worth your time watching Mindscape. What can I say more? This is a giant wast of your time!!! 

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