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Review Godzilla (2014): This latest (American) version of Godzilla is horrendous and a complete waste of your time.

genre: kaiju, adventure, science fiction

Don't let me beat around the bush. This latest (American) version of Godzilla is horrendous and a complete waste of your time. 

The people involved in making this film don't have a clue why Godzilla is so popular. It's never been the people or the emotional component. But even if it was it sure was not like in how it was here. Because apart from the scenes with Bryan Cranston the emotion was completely lacking. Godzilla is about the destruction and him kicking ass, pure and simple. You could make the monster as realistic as possible with CGI and incredible pyrotechnics. If he does not destroy or show how dangerous and fierce he is what is the point of such a giant monster walking around? I get it that in some of the older movies the humans were just as important as Godzilla. Still they always managed to give Godzilla the screen time he deserved. Here he is reduced to a glorified cameo or some background character as a device to get a plot going. 

And if there was something resembling of a plot full of thrills and twists I might have bought it. But there was no plot to speak of. Again most people who love Godzilla don't really care for a plot. Not showing Godzilla properly, at least long enough so we could enjoy seeing him in action without smoke or darkness that is just unforgivable. Every time something good was about to happen they cut away to something trivial and boring. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a bland actor. He does not have a personality or any charisma at all. So if you don't give him something to do he is going to be extremely boring. You follow him around even when something epic is about to happen. I don't want to see this boring guy. I want to see the monsters in action as much as I can. I have seen reviews where people were raving about this flick even going so far it was better than Pacific Rim. Are you kidding me? That movie brought tears to my eyes with it's epicness and awesomeness. This Godzilla movie does not even have a fraction of what that movie had. And Godzilla made in 1998 surely was much better than this one. Yes I went there. I wasn't happy with it at the time it came out since it was vastly different from what it should have been, but say what you want about it that movie was a lot of fun. 

And for those supposedly hardcore fans liking Godzilla representing nature that strikes back with all it's symbolism and story. Fine, but deep down you all know that is not what makes you like him. Why are people so afraid to admit  they enjoy things being destroyed by giant monsters. At least they understand this in Japan where they keep making Kaiju movies whether they have budget or not. All this talk of this being more like the older Godzilla movies and therefore praising it while this version very rarely shows something interesting. I feel really compelled to watch all of the Godzilla movies and comparing each of them to this so I can see for myself if it is worth the praise it has been getting. Although I already know that it isn't. A lot of these so called fans are defending this movie to be just as the older ones. If that is the case why should I not watch those older ones? If you are remaking a movie with current technology then at least try to do something really different. Show the effects that are possible. Come with new ways to dazzle the audience. At least try to make it worth my while. Pacific Rim showed how it should be done. It pays tribute and refers. It's a good movie in it's own right but at the same time invites you to watch everything that has to do with the kaiju genre made in past and present. Godzilla (2014) fails do to anything every step of the way. 

Forget for a moment what Godzilla should be. And you watch this movie without any expectations. No one can honestly say that this is a good movie. Whatever story they were trying to build up, it never came. The action if visible was over before you knew it. And even then the scenes were not dramatic or fun at all. Bryan Cranston for the while he was there delivered. But it was not enough to make me overlook the flaws and the tedium. Overall I would say, skip this one.

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