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Review Bad Neighbours (2014)

genre: comedy (supposedly)

Yesterday I had the pleasure or actually displeasure to watch Bad Neighbours. It was a movie I was looking forward to since the premise and knowing Seth Rogen would be involved it promised to be at least funny. Granted there is one moment I laughed incredibly hard. I think this particular physical joke will make everyone laugh. As for the rest of this comedy it's juvenile and pathetic. Bad Neighbours starts out well and once the premise sets in the expectations rise as it lends itself for some good old silliness and fun. Sadly that never happens. All we get is unlikeable characters going through some events that eventually got so tiresome I lost interest completely. In a comedy like this you should build to something. The jokes should be better at the climax. Old School with Will Ferrel, Van Wilder or Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks are examples of how it should be. There should be a fine balance between gross out humour and the intelligent one. And here it is mostly gross without offering anything really good to chew on. The little coming of age theme is handled so poorly that it makes you wonder why they even bothered to put it in. Bad Neighbours is briefly entertaining but not funny at all. It's a lazy comedy that in my opinion does not deserve any praise maybe except for the baby. The baby was a comedic genius. And I suspect they were very aware of this and minimized the role of these twin babies. Rest assured they are going places. 

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