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Review Walk of Shame (2014)

genre: comedy

Walk of Shame is not a comedy that will blow you away. It is not original or clever. But from start till end it will make you laugh. And that is what a comedy is supposed to do isn't it? The events our main character Meghan (Elizabeth Banks) gets in are incredibly over the top and unbelievable. And they feel forced upon you just a little. They lack any logic and reason. However you won't mind since Elizabeth Banks has enough acting chops and charm to make you forget the flaws. She gets decent to really good support from the rest of the cast. Above all it does teach you a very important lesson. Don't rely on your phone to much. At least make a backup of important phone numbers and addresses. Because not knowing and needing them when your phone is lost or missing can bring you in a lot of trouble. So there you have it. Laughs and a little life lesson. In my opinion worth your time! 

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