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FCC Net Neutrality Approved

A day later and the outcome wasn't as hoped, in fact it was infuriating. However there is still a little hope.The proposal from the FCC concerning Net Neutrality will be with public comment. Which I believe is giving the public a voice to influence the proposal slightly. So the fight is not over yet. Even if there wasn't a public comment, there is always a way to overturn a rule or law. I only have to look back at France. They are famous for getting into action and overturning laws that are already in effect. We all can do this. But it takes us all to do it. Talk to others about this. Tell them what is at stake and then ask them to tell others as well.

Doing nothing is always failing. Trying or attempting is at least doing something. FIGHT THE POWER! SAVE THE INTERNET!

New Tool for action.

Also see Save the Internet.

UPDATE 27-02-2015:

Net Neutrality rules passed FCC

FCC Net Neutrality Approved

Net Neutrality approved

We won people, we won. We saved the Internet.

I think a lot of people aren't even aware what was at stake. We came close  to losing the internet. That would have been a disaster. However I do want to ask of people to try harder to get informed if they aren't. Because we should be vigilant as the opposers won't stop trying to limit us in our freedom. Make better use of the internet. It's a very powerful tool and medium that indirectly can shut down nations and governments. Why do you think the powers that be want to control the internet? Because they fear what people can do with it. The internet was always meant to be free. And it is so much more than just another way to communicate with people. Please give this some thought and make better use of it. And try to do what you can about maintaining the internet free and available to people. You may ask how to do that? Well, simple. Express your opinions on these matters wherever you can on the internet. Even when you think no one will care or be reading it, there is always that one person who will read and feel inspired to spread the word as well. Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes time to create awareness but it will happen if you keep at it, keep talking about issues and topics that matter. In a time where the gap between government and citizens is getting bigger and bigger the internet can voice our opinion and close that distance or at least compensate for it. Also through the internet it is much easier to find like minded people that can strengthen your resolve as it shows you are not alone. Next to have a medium where you can express yourself, the internet is a huge and wonderful source of information. It can educate you on many matters. It can increase your knowledge. The more your you know the easier you will be able to understand people and where they are coming from. Eventually that will help the world make a smaller and hopefully more peaceful place.

But beware, like I said the internet is a powerful medium and there are many people who want to oppose it. They want to control the internet and censor whenever they feel like it. This is a direct violation on our freedom. I can't stress enough how disastrous that would be. 

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