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Review I , Frankenstein (2014)

 genre: fantasy, action, graphic novel

I, Frankenstein is an adaptation of a graphic novel where a new spin is given to the myth of the monster of Frankenstein. In this case the monster is not depicted as usual. Instead we have a creature that is very much like a normal human only he is scarred physically and mentally. How much he is scarred never gets explained fully until very late and by then it does not really matter that much since it is already established early on that this monster is a good guy. This is one of the few adaptations where the monster is being referred as Adam and that was a nice touch. It would have been nice to learn more about the background and see some depth to the character of the creature portrayed by Aaron Eckhart. But  I guess the focus here was more on the action and fantasy elements. Now Aaron Eckhart is probably the only saving grace of the whole film. He makes everything tolerable. The plot is as ridiculous as they come and not that it as a premise is not interesting. But it is one that has been done a lot of times already. This could have been improved by adding more background info on all the mythical creatures we are presented to. Now they are just there and of we are told that one is good and the other one evil. In my opinion more grey or even more darkness would have made things much more interesting. The action is full of effects but to be honest became tiresome real quick. Adam who supposed to be a superhuman gets his ass kicked more times than he beats his opponents. That is not fun to watch at all. It is not enough to say that someone is super human. You should at least show it. And this happens far too late. I know I might be a little harsh now. But that is because I expected so much more from this. The only way to enjoy this flick fully is to lower your expectations to the maximum. Decent for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Or very late in the night when nothing else is on.

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