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Review Getaway (2013): Ethan Hawke doing action? Nah!

 genre:action, thriller

If your sole purpose is to see a film similar to The Fast and The Furious, then stay clear from this one. It has nothing even remotely that comes close to that adrenaline pumping franchise. But if you like me like those old school nonsensical car chase movies, then you might be able to enjoy this one. 

However, you really will have to get past a few obstacles in order to do that. First Ethan Hawke as an action guy. Nah. I simply don't buy it. He does his best, but he is clearly not in his element and that takes a lot away from the film. Second and very huge one. Selena Gomez. Honestly, a person who has a baby face like hers is very hard to take seriously. And forcing her as this highly intelligent whiz kid. Come on, that is just asking for trouble. To be fair she is trying her hardest to be serious so some of you might be able to give her some slack. I could not. She totally distracted me from the plot. Speaking of which. It is rare to see a car chase film actually going the extra mile to add some suspense in the story. It actually makes you wonder why Ethan Hawke's character is being forced to do go on this speed run. The reason if you hear it though will either make you throw a tantrum or laugh like a hyena who just found some easy prey. Either way, you come to a realization that the plot did not matter at all. This leaves the action. Is it good? Is it exciting? Ok. Maybe I am the wrong guy to ask because I do love my action movies, and maybe I just have seen too much. While I enjoy cars being flipped over sometimes. I love the really tense action races far more. 

And while they are trying their hardest, it is easily not coming close to what you could expect in these kinds of movies. For me, it was average. At least it is not super bad. That is something, isn't it?

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