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Review Instructions Not Included (2013)

 genre: comedy, drama

AKA No se Aceptan Devoluciones

Instructions Not Included is hugely popular. So popular that it has been nominated for an Oscar in the Best foreign category. Well, of course this made me curious and decided to check it out. And all I can say, what a total disappointment. It is astonishing that this film has become so popular because apart from the rather obvious tear jerker moments it has nothing remotely unique, creative or fresh that warrants it's success. In fact you will recognize several dramatic elements already used in movies like La Vita √® Bella or Kramer versus Kramer. If it had the same strength as those than I think I would not have mind it at all. Only nothing really is done with the elements other than just to present a device to move the plot forward that logically speaking does not compute with how some of the characters have been behaving. Although there is something that offers a little variation that might be considering strong. The biggest problem is that this film is being presented as a comedy. And early on it looks like it is. Very soon however you realize there are hardly any jokes or anything else to make the events compelling. Acting wise it was decent enough but not something that deserves praise. Well, maybe the child actor does. This film did have the potential to be more than it was but ultimately it does not deliver. After watching you will feel robbed of your time.  

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