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Review Ride Along (2013)

 genre: comedy, action, crime

When I saw the trailer I immediately knew what kind of film this was going to be. It was not going to be clever or original. But it would entertain me enough without having any pretension whatsoever. A buddy cop movie with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. It could be worse. And indeed Ride Along delivers highly on entertainment only it is one that is fun while it lasts and very forgettable. Now I must admit I was hesitant to pick up this movie because of Kevin Hart. I simply don't find him funny. He yells, screams but to my knowledge barely does something truly funny. Strangely enough him being loud and obnoxious seems to work in the movie's favour. So in case he is holding you back, don't worry about it. Ride Along has enough to make you forget he is in it. I read that Ride Along is being compared to Bad Boys. Ok. I have to address this. I am no Michael Bay fan but Bad Boys clearly is superior to Ride Along in any way. Please set your expectations lower and you find yourself enjoying the movie.

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