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Review Grudge Match (2013)

 genre: comedy

Grudge Match is one those movies that have a great idea but for some reason suffers from poor execution. Robert De Niro (Raging Bull) against Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) raises expectations. The fact that both are far too old to partake in such an event promises us many laughs. And that was what I was waiting for. Sadly though those laughs aren't delivered. At least not enough. Kevin Hart is miscast and incredibly annoying. He did not made one joke that was remotely funny. I am not dissing the guy. But I have seen him do better. The interactions between Sly and Bob are far too timid and civilized where you begin to wonder do they even know what a grudge should be like. They are supposed to be rivals. But they are acting like they are the best friends that have fallen out. Enter Kim Bassinger.  At least one of the reasons that is given to us to show why they should not be so chummy with each other. I was waiting for them to bash heads and fight in some way or another. And apart from a few times it was never funny or explosive enough. At one point it even becomes more a drama than comedy which normally I would appreciate. Only not this time. My heart was set out for a comedy and nothing else. There are already too many of those thanks to Mr. Stallone himself. To be honest, Grudge Match is not really bad. Sly and Bob are adequate and together with Alan Arkin they keep it entertaining. But shouldn't we expect more from these big names? So is this worth your time? It won't be a total loss still you have to really lower your expectations quite a lot in order to avoid major disappointment.     

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