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Review The Parole Officer (2001)

 genre: comedy, crime

This movie is so old it still uses videotapes. Kids those contraptions were
used before dvd's came into existence.

"I miss you VHS, and will never forget you!"

The Parole Officer is one of those movies that flew under the radar and where you wonder why that is. A lot of reviews at the time when it came out were rather harsh and unfair. Because after having seen it I can honestly say that this is one of the funniest crime caper movies I have seen in a long while. Especially if you compare it to comedies that have come out recently. Comedy wise the jokes are hardly intelligent. However the way they are presented will make you burst into laughter. The delivery by many of the actors is what makes the difference. Sure there are some scenes that don’t make sense and border to the absurd. People familiar with Monty Python and Mr. Bean should have no trouble with this kind of comedy. Within this comedy a rather clever heist movie is hidden. Adding to the viewing experience. This element in the story truly surprised me since the main characters are not exactly the brightest bunch when you first get acquainted with them. And therefore it becomes rather compelling to watch them attempt this heist in the first place. Here and there The Parole Officer will throw little surprises at you although a few of them rely on the viewer being somewhat older or knowing everything cinema related.  Still these surprises also work on another level which is pretty clever if you ask me. Overall this movie is very entertaining and a lot of fun.  Actually I am willing to go so far to say it is a highly  underrated gem. A must watch!    

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