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Review Among Friends (2012)

 genre: horror, thriller, black comedy

From what I read about it I got this vibe it was going to be something like April Fools Day (1986). But after fifteen minutes in it becomes apparent it is nothing like that. It has more in common with Saw and not in a good way. I was really digging the Eighties approach. As it turns out the people going to this party are wearing the clothes they were wearing at their prom. These people could have been from the nineties or seventies it would not have made a difference. Still anyone putting in Eighties into a movie is a huge plus for me. The cast is pretty competent especially Alyssa Lobit. I won't spoil why. But and this a huge one there is a major flaw in the whole premise of Among Friends. The motives that are given to enhance the bad or evil side to the characters don't work. While some of the things they have done is immoral for the most part it wasn't the earth shattering kind. In fact a lot of them were judgmental. Just because certain people have different standards in relation to sex doesn't automatically make them devious or evil. The lack of proper motivations makes everything you see on the screen hard to endure. It gets boring real fast. If the cast weren't acting there ass of then Among Friends would not have worked at all. Even then it is hard to evoke sympathy at all. In this case very essential since people who you care about and then put in danger makes you invested and therefore entertaining. I could care less about them. While at times it becomes a little bloody and gory I would not classify this as horror. It is more a black comedy or thriller where tension or thrills are lacking. For drama it is not emotional or deep enough. I hate to say it but you will be better of leaving this alone.

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