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Review Mousehunt (1997): More than just a kids movie or slapstick comedy!

genre: comedy

One can mistake this as amusement solely for children but I think Mousehunt goes deeper than that. Ever had mice in your house? If you have then you can relate to the destruction these cute and smart little creatures can cause. In fact only if you have experienced first hand of what these mice are capable will you appreciate this movie so much better. Now at times Mousehunt does seem to be more like a live action version of Tom and Jerry. And there is nothing wrong with that especially when catzilla makes an entrance. That was just hilarious. Some over the top cartoony sequences there might detract a little from the subtle comedy that is present. Still it is there if you look for it. The use of string in the film other than it is presented as a product is symbolic. It could represent the ties between the main characters in the film.  But it could also stand for fate or destiny. Every one follows a certain path. The mouse could be the reincarnation of the deceased father or it could just be one of the pivotal beings one encounters in life to get to where you need to be or belong. Am I serious? Dead serious. The use of symbols is not something that can't be ignored. I have to commend the film makers for not going overboard and thus make it pretentious. Some art house film makers could learn from this. Too often they make films that have this air about them, you don't get it so you probably are not smart enough to comprehend. Not realizing that any one can make what they make. Being smart and intelligent is where you present an idea in a way that it is accessible to everyone. To then inspire or motivate you to think about certain things in a less intrusive way. And this is what Mousehunt does. It has several layers covered within the cartoony mouse versus people antics. I read some reviews where it was stated that they did not think Mousehunt was funny. Well, purely as slapstick comedy it is nothing that different from others in the genre. But add the context of ever having to deal with mice in the house and it becomes brilliantly funny and very charming. Nice touch was that the mouse is seen as the original occupant and the people as the intruders. In my opinion this is a comedy that is underrated and deserves more praise.

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